Energy Rifle

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Energy Rifle
Energy rifle painted white with a nuclear battery installed.
Stacks No
Created With Fabricator, Tool Manufactory
Cost 10 Gold, 20g Steel, 20g Electrum, 10g Invar, 10g Constantan, 10g Solder


  • The Energy Rifle is a weapon that you can create. Used to shoot lasers that either stun or kill depending on a toggled option in the item's menu.
  • Press O (Default button) to turn on and off.
  • Press R (Default button) to cycle through the item's menu, scroll to go through menu, and F (Default button) to toggle options.

Given that the rifle's high power usage of 9000J/shot, it's advisable to use a Nuclear Battery with the rifle.

Battery # of shots
Small 4 shots
Large 32 shots
Nuclear 255 shots