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Kit (Sleeper)
Stacks No
Created With Fabricator
Cost 10g Iron, 2g Gold, 3g Copper
Placement Small Grid
Power Usage 100W


Once properly setup and maintained, allows for controlled sleep giving a safe place to log off.
No surrounding atmosphere needed to operate, can go in with full suit and open visor to use.

Basic Setup Example[edit]

Sleeper Basic Setup Example.png

  • Wire it up.
  • put your suit airtank in the system (will use 4000kpa from it to charge the pipes).
  • Then turn on and jump in for a good nights rest.
This design works because the sleeper connector is bidirectional,
and it needs a constant trickle of air flowing to draw out the co2 and clean it up.

Once you build larger systems you might want to feed the air at a proper temperature too,
but fresh spawned characters have 20c oxygen tanks.