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  | name            = Wall Cooler
  | name            = Wall Cooler
  | image            = [[File:{{#setmainimage:WallCooler.png}}]]
  | image            = [[File:{{#setmainimage:WallCooler.png}}]]
  | power_usage      = 5W
  | power_usage      = 100W
  | placed_with_item = [[Wall Cooler (Item)]]
  | placed_with_item = [[Wall Cooler (Item)]]
  | placed_on_grid  = Small Grid, On Frames
  | placed_on_grid  = Small Grid, On Frames

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Wall Cooler
Stacks 5
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender, Fabricator
Cost 3g Iron, 1g Gold, 3g Copper
Wall Cooler
Power Usage 100W
Placed with Wall Cooler (Item)
Placed on Small Grid, On Frames
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Hand Drill
Item received Wall Cooler (Item)


Used to lower the temperature inside a room. It will flash an error if certain things are not present like:

  • Pipe Radiator
  • Atmosphere in the room you're trying to cool
  • gasses in the coolant pipe (At least 12.5 kpa)
Game update 0.2.1783.8193 Changed the wall cooler where the efficiency drops as the temperature difference becomes too large. If the waste network becomes 100 degrees warmer than input, efficiency begins to drop until zero at 200 degrees. This is highlighted on the graph on the right.
Efficiency drop off


Place the Wall Cooler and run some pipes to the place you want to vent the heat. Place a few Pipe radiators on the pipe, fill it with whatever gasmixture you want and start the machine, it will slowly lower the temperature.

  • Best coolant for now Water, but Pollutant aka X is more abundant.
  • The wall cooler works by removing 1000 Joules of energy/tick (2000J/s) from the atmosphere and adding it into its pipe.

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