Solar Logic Circuits Guide

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This is atrocious. Can you convert this into English please? I'd like to make a system that resets and turns off at night, and has reasonable power - yet I can't understand this broken English with barely coherent directions. 01:01, 4 January 2018 (CST)

May be I missed smth, but isn't a direction where the sun rises is called EAST? And WEST - is were Sun goes down?

Ltmayday: nope west is were the sun comes up, east is were it go's down, that's how it say's on the guides plus vids.


When I turned them all on and then powered them from a local power management unit (that way I can turn the entire system 'on' or 'off' rather than screwing memory by turning random units on in random patterns possibly skewing things - and it did absolutely nothing. It reset to 0% then sat there, and has done for days since. I turned everything off then on again, triple checked EVERY variable is entered correctly, etc. I even renamed all my chips and shit to the letters in the diagram to quadruple check that I didn't stuff up. And nothing is happening. How are we meant to turn this on? Or reset it when it clearly doesn't work like this? Any help would be appreciated!


The new edits on Jan 4 2020 with both sensors pointing up do not work, at least on Europa. The horizontal sensor's solarangle is mirrored. This is corrected by flipping the horizontal sensor upside-down, as it was in the previous article.


I've found that you can leave both sensors pointing up, on Mars at least, if you set the Logic C offset according to the solar panels data port, instead of the power port (when you have separate ports). Also, 1.5 works better than 1.8 for me (again, on Mars) for Logic G (memory).

Making some improvements[edit]

After following the new first guide which replaced the old first guide (both 2 sensor, 2 axis), I found the guide to be needlessly complex and confusing. I will be reformatting it and updating the image to make it much clearer to follow. Thank you to the person who originally created the circuit, but it can be made cleaner and clearer for people to follow as a guide. Some of the changes I will be making: -referring to Memory and Processor (Math) chips as Logic is needlessly confusing for a guide. -Layout of the circuit is needlessly complex. There only needs to be one network on the data side of the solar panels. edit: -Adding labels to the ports of the chips in the guide image to make configuration clearer. My changes are complete as of this edit. Thundergod97 (talk) 22:48, 24 June 2020 (CDT)