Uniform Commander

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Uniform Commander
Stacks No
Created With Tool Manufacturer, Fabricator
Cost 25g Silicon (Tool Manufacturer) / 10g Iron (Fabricator)


The Uniform Commander is one of the clothing options available in-game (replacing the character's starting Jump Suit (Orange). It can hold 2 generic items and 2 Access Cards, but no Credit Card. It is largely black in colour.


Your clothing pockets can be accessed by pressing the Number '5' key. Oddly, this will work even when wearing a suit over the top of your uniform.


Contains 4 slots:

  • 2x Generic Storage slots
  • 2x Access Card slot - Insert an Access Card to open doors with limited access controls (usually on multiplayer servers)


  • As the Uniform Commander has an extra Access Card slot, it may be useful for players on servers with lots of access restricted doors / equipment
  • As the Uniform Commander lacks a Credit Card slot it is unsuited to characters wishing to Trade reguarlly
  • The requirements to create the uniform currently vary significantly depending on the machine used