Uniform Commander

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Uniform Commander
Uniform Commander
Created With Tool Manufacturer, Fabricator
Cost 25g Silicon (Tool Manufacturer) / 10g Iron (Fabricator)


The Uniform Commander is one of the clothing options available in-game (replacing the character's starting Jump Suit (Orange). It can hold 2 generic items and 2 Access Cards, as well as a single Credit Card. It is largely black in colour.


Your clothing pockets can be accessed by pressing the Number '5' key. Oddly, this will work even when wearing a suit over the top of your uniform.


Contains 5 slots:

  • 2x Generic Storage slots
  • 2x Access Card slot - Insert an Access Card to open doors with limited access controls (usually on multiplayer servers)
  • 1x Credit Card slot - Used to store money obtained by trading.


  • As the Uniform Commander has an extra Access Card slot, it may be useful for players on servers with lots of access restricted doors / equipment
  • An old recipe using the fabricator required 10g of iron.