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A Trader
Traders are NPCs that can be called via a Computer with a Motherboard (Communication) installed.

They will buy and sell any kind of object with the player:
Trading with a trader
After the player interacts with a Trader, the game will open a GUI where the player will select the item to buy or to sell.
The same interface is used to tell to the Trader to depart.


To call a Trader the following things are necessary to be connected to the same network:


  • For trade a player should have Credit Card in any slot of his character inventory (isn't necessary that is placed in the Credit Card slot of his suit), otherwise any attempt to trade will return an error message with "You do not have enough money to complete this transaction!".
  • If a character have more than one Credit Card, the trade will use the last in the inventory order.
  • Seems that Traders will buy any item that is placed in a connected Vending Machine or Vending Machine Refrigerated in the same network of the Landing Pad.
  • Can be more than one Vending Machine or Vending Machine Refrigerated connected to the same Landing Pad.
  • Traders will refuse to land if there isn't any Vending Machine or Vending Machine Refrigerated connected to the Landing Pad, or if no one is powered.
  • Sell prices are always less than the buy value.
  • Because Traders buy anything from the player, some items are exploitable to gain big amount of money, like food, or Motherboard (Sorter) (seems to be worth 1500€/$ or more, that is an evident bug).
  • Prices of any item depend on the kind of trader.
  • If a Credit Card is sold to a Trader the balance within the card is ignored, this means that selling a Credit Card with a balance greater than 0 will cause the player to lose money.
  • Traders can't land or depart during a storm.
  • The trader will lock and go into a bugged state if you add things to the vending machine after a trader is requested to land. The bug can be seen by the trading GUI not opening (throws a NullReferenceException), save and reload or dismount the Landing Pad (that will make the trader depart) will fix the bug.

This is an example of tracking setup with a Integrated Circuit (IC10) code for automate the process.
Alternatively on this Youtube Video there is a good explanation by Saddamo De Beers.