Satellite Tracking

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This scripts automatically locks onto the signals using the Satellite Dish.


Integrated Circuit (IC10)
Kit (IC Housing)
Diode Slide
Satellite Dish

Pin layout[edit]

D0 Satellite Dish
D1 Diode Slide


The satellite dish will scan the entire sky moving horizontally from end to end, raising the antenna each time it reaches one end. When it finds a signal to track, the light turns on and shows the signal strength while it's locking on to it. Once it reaches 96% strength, it will stop tracking and wait for the stationeer to turn the light off. The dish will rotate back to the last position before it started locking on to the signal and will begin searching a new one (ignoring the signal ID it just tracked). The locking process can be skipped by turning off the light, in case the signal has already been scanned. The script may also cancel locking if it reaches a boundary, and skip to the next signal.

Note: Removing the IC from the housing or re-exporting the code will reset the position of the satellite to the start, and make it go through all the satellites you've already scanned.

Source Code