Nitrous Oxide

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Nitrous Oxide
Specific heat 23 Joule / mol

Nitrous oxide "N2O" is an inert gas. Inhalation of nitrous oxide stuns the player and eventually causes them to blackout.

Nitrous oxide has a specific heat of 23 Joule / mol.

Combusts with Volatiles at a 1:1 ratio (auto combusts at 50C), burns much hotter than h2/o2 (2:1 ratio).

Nitrous oxide is pretty easy to condense with a little pressure. Almost every N2O storage build will include a condensation trap to avoid pipe ruptures.


0.2.3499.17067 Introduced N2O combustion mix


  • Added Nitrous Oxide. Currently inert, other than at certain concentrations will cause the player to take (progressively more) stun damage. Only the first pass, will be utilized more with the implementation of surgery later.