Motherboard (Sorter)

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Motherboard (Sorter)
Created With Electronics Printer, Fabricator
Cost 5g Copper, 5g Gold

The Motherboard (Sorter) is a Motherboard that can be placed in the front hatch of a Computer. This allows the user to set a white list for the various sorters that are connected to the same data network. You can use the drop menu's to select the items you want the sorter to filter out, or choose a class at the top of the list for all of a particular item such as ore. Or you can choose a specific item from the list such as Iron Ore. This is a one time setup action. Once the sorters have been programed, you can remove the computer entirely and the sorters will remember their settings and whitelists until they are changed again.

  • NOTE: There is an issue in multiplayer where the whitelist will not repopulate on the screen when a client connects to the server. While the list may be blank, the sorters will still work with their previously programmed whitelists.