Marine Helmet

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Marine Helmet
Created With Tool Manufactory
Cost 4g Gold, 8g Steel, 4g Silicon


An open-faced helmet normally worn with Marine Armor on board staions and ships. Largely unrequired in a civilian setting, but potentially advisable if shooting is likely to be involved!

Includes a Battery slot and a light (of similar power to that found on the Space Helmet).


Your helmet functions can be accessed by pressing the Number '1' key. This will bring up a panel showing the helmet's settings, as follows:

  • Light On / Off - Toggle the helmet's forward facing light on and off (Keyboard shortcut - L)

The colour of an (unworn) helmet can be changed using Spray Paint (although to maintain a 'tactical' look this will only change the colour of the trim, not the entire helmet).


Contains 4 slots:


  • Caution: Not suitable for non-pressurised / toxic environments!
  • Damaged helmets can be recycled (assuming you have a new one to use!)