Kit (Sign)

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Kit (Sign)
Stacks 10
Created With Autolathe
Cost 3g Iron


Signs can be placed on walls and frames. Use the Labeller to add text to them.

Property Code
Bold Use <b> and </b>.
Italics Use <i> and </i>.
Underline Use <u> and </u>.
Superscript Use <sup> and </sup>
Subscript Use <sub> and </sub>
Linefeed Use <br> to force a linefeed.
Tab Use \t which will add one tab stop.
Position Use <pos=4.25> advances about 4.25 spaces.
Size Use <size=36> to set point size to 36.
<size=+18> to increase the point size by 18 points.

<size=-14> to decrease the point size by 14 points.
</size> to end the size tag.

Color <color=red> to set the color to red. Several other colors are pre-defined.

<#FF8000> or any other hexadecimal code to define a color.
</color> to end the color tag.