Kit (Railing)

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Kit (Railing)
Stacks Yes (10)
Created With Autolathe
Cost 1g Iron

The Kit (Railing) is used to build Railing Elegant (Type 1), Railing Elegant (Type 2), Railing Industrial (Type 1) and Railing Industrial (Type 2).

The 4 types of railings, fully built.

All variants of the railings can be painted to various colors with Spray Paint.


This block can be made in: Autolathe



With the Kit (Railing) in hand, right click to activate build mode. Use the Scroll Wheel on your mouse to select the Type of Railing. Each type of railing has a different appearance and hitbox. Use the rotation keys to place the wall in the appropriate location. Click once more to place down the railing.