Pipe Gas Mixer

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Pipe Gas Mixer
Stacks 1
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender, Fabricator
Cost 2g Iron, 2g Gold, 2g Copper


Used to mix two gasses in proportions ranging from 0-100%. A must have for the Furnace. Input 1 is the straight thorough route, and Input 2 is the side entry.

!warning! As of version 0.2.2396.10846, it appears that the pipe gas mixer behaves oddly when output pressures are high with comparison to the input pressures.

Data Network Properties[edit]

These are all Data Network properties of this device.

Data Parameters[edit]

These are all parameters, that can be written to with a Logic Writer, Batch Writer, or Integrated Circuit (IC10). The outputs are listed in the order a Logic Writer's "VAR" setting cycles through them.

Parameter Name Data Type Description
Lock Boolean
Setting float Correspond to the percentage value of the Input 1
On Boolean

Data Outputs[edit]

These are all parameters, that can be read with a Logic Reader or a Slot Reader. The outputs are listed in the order a Logic Reader's "VAR" setting cycles through them.

Output Name Data Type Description
Power Boolean
Error Boolean
Lock Boolean
Setting float Contains the current Input 1 value in percent (60.5 for example)
Maximum float Value of 100
Ratio Float Contains the ratio corresponding to the Input 1 value (0.605, for the 60.5 value above)
On Boolean
Requiredpower Integer In Watts. The Gas Mixer require 100W of power to function