Kit (Automated Rocket Coupling)

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Warning Warning: This item is deprecated.
Kit (Automated Rocket Coupling Module)
Kit Automated Rocket Coupling Module.png
Created With Electronics Printer Mk2
Cost 10g Copper, 15g Steel, 20g Electrum, 8g Invar, 5g Constantan

Automated Rocket Coupling Module
Placed with Kit (Automated Rocket Coupling)
Placed on Large Grid
Stage 1
Item received Kit (Automated Rocket Coupling)

A uni-directional, multi-state conveyance solution, the coupling module is designed to interface between various mining and storage modules. It is essential for the function of the mining unit.

When placed BELOW a mining module (e.g. Automated Rocket Ore Mining Module), the DOWN coupler passes mined or harvested material (solid, liquid, or gas) into the below storage unit (e.g. Automated Rocket Silo Module). Similarly, when placed ABOVE a mining module, the UP coupler passes mined or harvested material into the above storage unit.