Kit (Airlock)

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Kit (Airlock)
Stacks 5
Constructing Options Airlock
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender, Fabricator
Cost 20g Iron, 3g Copper


A Kit (Airlock) is used to build a Portal that is suitable for use in constructing an airlock chamber.

A Kit (Blast Door) might serve as a suitable substitution, offering greater pressure and damage resistance, but cannot be operated manually.


All variants of Kit (Airlock) share the following characteristics:

  • They are guaranteed to be airtight.
  • They have a moderate resistance to Pressure compared to other Portals.
  • They have a moderate resistance to Damage compared to other Portals.


Variant Requirements Characteristics
Airlock 1 x Kit (Airlock) Resists 1MPa differential


Kit (Airlock)'s are manufactured using:

Manufacturer Requirements
Hydraulic Pipe Bender 500J Power, 20g Iron, 3g Copper
Fabricator 500J Power, 20g Iron, 3g Copper


Kit (Airlock)'s can be recycled using a Recycler in conjunction with a Centrifuge to yield #g Iron and #g Copper


Kit (Airlock)'s can be destroyed using a Arc Furnace, a Furnace or with multiple shots from a Weapon

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