Kit (Airlock)

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Kit (Airlock)
Stacks 5
Constructing Options Airlock
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender, Fabricator
Cost 20g Iron, 3g Copper


A Kit (Airlock) is used to build a portal that is suitable for use in constructing an airlock chamber. Kit (Airlock) portals differentiate themselves from other portals, such as Kit (Doors), in that they are guaranteed to be airtight and able to withstand larger differentials in pressure between to environments it separate.

A Kit (Blast Door) might serve as a suitable substitution, offering greater pressure of damage resistance, but cannot be operated manually.


Kit (Airlock)'s are manufactured using:

Manufacturer Requirements
Hydraulic Pipe Bender 500J Energy, 20g Iron, 3g Copper
Fabricator 500J Energy, 20g Iron, 3g Copper


Kit (Airlock)'s are used to build:

Varient Requirements Characteristics
Airlock 1 x Kit (Airlock) Resists 1MPa differential


Kit (Airlock)'s can be recycled using a Recycler in conjunction with a Centrifuge to yield ??g Iron and ??g Copper


Kit (Airlock)'s can be destroyed using a Arc Furnace, a Furnace or with ?? shots from a weapon

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