Ingot (Waspaloy)

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Ingot (Waspaloy)
Stacks 500g
Created With Advanced Furnace
Cost 2:1:1 ratio of
Lead, Silver, and Nickel
Max Pressure 50 MPa to 100 MPa
Max Temperature 400 K to 800 K
Hash ID 156348098


Ingot (Waspaloy) is an super alloy. It is used in crafting the Hardsuit Jetpack.

NOTE: Pressure and Temp requirements were changed in the December 2020 Blown Away update.


It is created by smelting a ratio of 2:1:1 using Lead, Silver and Nickel in the Advanced Furnace. It is recommended to start the Advanced Furnace with 18 Volatiles (pure H2) and 10 Oxite (9 x O2 + 1 x N2), then add lead ores (that lower the temperature and rise the pressure) exploing the Recycler for repeat this process until reached the wanted temperature/pressure, then add the Silver and Nickel (in form of ingot or ore). Alternatively, cold Carbon dioxide (CO2) (sufficiently below zero) can be pushed inside the Advanced Furnace to lower the temperature, but is less efficient, because it doesn't allow to regulate the pressure.

NOTE: January StationEARS update reduced the yields from smelting super alloys. 2 Lead, 1 Silver, and 1 Nickel will now return only 1 Ingot (Waspaloy).

Items used in[edit]

 8g Hardsuit Jetpack

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