Ingot (Inconel)

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Ingot (Inconel)
Max Pressure 23.5 MPa to 24 MPa
Max Temperature 600 K to 100000 K
Stacks 500g
Created With Advanced Furnace
Cost 2:1:1 ratio of
Gold, Nickel, Steel
Item Hash -787796599


Ingot (Inconel) is a super alloy. It is used in crafting various tools and Rocket parts.

NOTE: Pressure and Temp requirements were changed in the December 2020 Blown Away update.


It is created by smelting a ratio of 2:1:1 using Gold, Nickel and Steel in the Advanced Furnace.

NOTE: January StationEARS update reduced the yields from smelting super alloys. 2 Gold, 1 Nickel, and 1 Steel will now return only 1 Ingot (Inconel).

Items used in[edit]

 5g Battery Cell Nuclear
25g Rocket Launch Pad
15g Rocket Command Pod (not functional at time of edit)
10g Rocket Automated Rocket Automation Module
 5g Sensor Lenses


Using an Advanced Furnace on Mars it is possible to smelt Inconel by using a gas mix of

  • 50% CO2
  • 33% H2 ( = 66% /2 )
  • 17% O2 ( = 34% /2)
  • at 291K (18°C)

Pressurize the furnace to over 2100 kPa. After igniting this will give you a pressure of 26800 kPa and temperature of 1900K. As the reagents melt, the temperature will decrease and with it the pressure. Unless the furnace is in a vacuum, it will conduct heat to the surrounding atmosphere and eventually drop to the 24MPa level and you can dispense the ingot. If the furnace is in a vacuum, you can activate the output pump of the furnace (start at 1L) to bring the pressure down.

This recipe was tested in creative to create a 25g ingot of inconel from 50g of gold ore, 25g of nickel ore, and 50g of steel ingot. Larger batches will probably require a higher starting pressure to provide enough energy to melt the increased mass.

These values were calculated using Furnace temperature and pressure math.

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