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Created With Microwave
Cost 5 ml Soy Oil,
1 Potato


These tasty, salty sticks are created in a microwave!

When right button is held, only adequate part is consumed to fill hunger up to 100%.
Percentages of it can be eaten by holding down and relasing the right mouse button.

Currently, it seems that eating 63% of it will fill 100% hunger.



Ingredient Quantity
Potato 1
Soy Oil 5 ml
  • If the bottle in hand is less than 5 ml then a bug will cause incorrect amount of oil be added to the oven when using left click. To avoid such issue always hold down 'C' key when clicking to insert 1 unit( 0.1 ml) per click. (aka click 5 times when holding down 'C')
  • If 'C' key is held down it is displayed "add 1 unit of soy oil" which means in this case 0.1ml. The microwave shows an incorrect amount of 1ml.