Circuitboard (Door Control)

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Circuitboard (Door Control)
Circuitboard door control.jpg
Stacks ??
Created With Electronics Printer, Fabricator
Cost 5g Copper, 5g Gold


Circuitboard (Door Control) can be placed inside of a Console to form a Door Control Console. It is one of many Circuitboards that can be fitted to a Console.

Console (Door Control)
Console door control.jpg
Placed with Kit (Consoles)
Placed on Small Grid

Door Control[edit]

The Door Control console allows the remote operation (opening and closing) of doors. When connected to one or several Motion Sensors the console will open the door when a sensor is activated and close the door when all sensors are clean.

Console (Door Control) in setup mode
Console door control setup.jpg
Placed with Kit (Consoles)
Placed on Small Grid


Setup mode can be entered by placing a Data Disk into the slot on the Console. When in setup mode, all objects with data access available to the console are listed, however only doors are available to be selected (highlighted green). When the console leaves setup mode, doors which had been selected are toggled.

Manual Operation Disabled
Composite door disabled.jpg
Placed with Kit (Consoles)
Placed on Small Grid

Manual Operation[edit]

The setup mode also allows for enabling/disabling manual operation of the doors. If this is chosen, then the configured doors which normally have their own toggle available become visibly disabled.


The setup mode also allows for choosing between Link mode and Toggle Mode. IN Link mode, all selected devices will be turned either on or off depending on the current setting. In Toggle mode, selected devices will be toggled from their current state to the alternate state, allowing for different devices to be in different states at the same time.