Circuitboard (Airlock Control)

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Circuitboard (Airlock Control)
Stacks ??
Created With Electronics Printer, Fabricator
Cost 5g Copper, 5g Gold, 1g Iron


Circuitboard (Airlock Control) can be placed inside of a Console to form a Airlock Control Console. It is one of many Circuitboards that can be fitted to a Console.

Airlock Control[edit]

The airlock control console controls doors and vents to make an airlock cycle system that allows you to use the Cycle button to control the doors and vents.


Setup mode can be entered by placing a Data Disk into the slot on the Console. When in setup mode, all objects with data access available to the console are listed, however only doors, vents, lights, gas sensors and slave consoles are available to be selected (highlighted green). When the console leaves setup mode, objects which are selected become controlled.

An second slave console can be connected to the first one to control the airlock from inside the building. Useful if not enough presure or power failures.