Solar Logic Cable Golf

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An interesting engineering challenge is to wire up the logic with the minimum amount of cabling. The goal would be to get solar tracking (or whatever) working as early as possible by minimizing the amount of copper that must be gathered and smelted.

The rules of Cable Golf are:

  • The score is the number of Cable Coils used to correctly wire the functionality. (Straight and corner count as 1 cable; T and + count as 2 cables)
  • Chips may be placed in any orientation (upside-down math chips might conserve cables)
  • The single-plane category requires all the chips to be on coplanar faces of all frames. The multi-plane category allows the chips to be on frame faces that are at different angles (crossing an edge or surrounding a corner).
  • The number of frames needed to mount the components is part of the category (2-frame scores are separate from 3-frame scores)
  • If a component that can not be placed on the edge of a lone frame is placed on the edge between two frames, both those frames must be counted in the category.
  • If a component must be placed on a frame, that frame's surface is part of its category, even if the frame is removed afterward.
  • There must be a connection to the feed from the Power Controller, but the cables leading from the power controller (to a *single* connection point; once it branches the junction and cables are counted) that are not required for the logic to function are not counted. This power feed connection will almost certainly be a T or +, since a corner or straight section is strictly a feed and not needed to connect the logic components.
  • Cables needed to propagate the output of the Batch/Logic Writers to the top edge of a frame are counted in the score (this rule is specific to Solar Logic Cable Golf)

2-frame single-plane 1-axis Solar Tracking min(100, (max(a,15)-15)/1.5)[edit]

A 37-cable solution to Solar Logic Cable Golf

33 cables