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Complete Version History

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1373.6615[edit]

June 22

Now that onto our third weekly update, we hope you're enjoying the more regular patch cycle! We can't guarantee it'll happen every week, or that the amount of content will always be the same - but thanks to the amazing job those on the beta branch are doing reporting bugs we're able to give everyone the new toys to play with as soon as possible.


You can now construct Ladder Kits at the Autolathe or Fabricator. They are built on the small grid, and can be deconstructed using the angle grinder.


Continuing on from the weapon additions last week, we've begun expanding the destruction system to make it easier to add various broken variants of buildings and switch to them when they take enough damage. The damage system supports various damage types, so ultimately this could support the ability to show a different destroyed version of a structure if it was destroyed by fire, vs being destroyed by impact.

Some structures will now also undo build states if they take sufficient damage, ie. filled frames will become unfilled frames. If they run out of health while on their base build state they will become wreckage that can be removed with an angle grinder or welder.

Improvements were also made to the weapons, with some now featuring recoil and the ability to aim-down-sights.


Storing water got you down? At the expense of power, you can turn that excess water into a bunch of heat and a somewhat risky mix of Oxygen and Volatiles using the new Electrolysis Machine. Available on the existing Atmospherics kit with Air Conditioners and Filtration machines.

Coming Soon...[edit]

We haven't done any teaser post in a while, so with the summer sale upon us here's some shots of some of the features we have partially completed but aren't yet ready for beta testing.

Version 0.1.1373.6615[edit]

  • Added Ladders. Ladder kit craftable in Fabricator or Autolathe.
  • Added first pass of damaged build states for structures.
  • Added particle effect when a structure is deconstructed (when the build state is reduced or when it is destroyed via damage).
  • Added recoil and aim-down-sights to SMG (using SecondaryAction).
  • Added decay timers to all Entities, including chicks and grounders.
  • Added Electrolyzer. Available on the Atmospherics kit, it consumes a lot of power (and therefore generates quite a bit of heat) to convert moles of water into hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Added deconstructing of broken structures. They deconstruct to their wreckage parts using either the welding tool or the grinder.
  • Fixed with SMG does not exit aim mode when hand is changed.
  • Fixed Fuel Generator gauge display orange on one side.
  • Fixed bug with fertilized eggs causing an error when hatching because the shell fragment assets could not be loaded.
  • Fixed Wall Coolers now properly stackable to a max of 5 (Sorry for false alarm last week).
  • Fixed broken split interaction labels on Wall Cooler and Wall Heater.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1362.6552[edit]

June 15 Another week and another bunch of bug fixes, quality of life improvements and a couple of brand new security-based features!

Handgun and SMG[edit]

To help players get prepared for the more aggressively hostile aspects of space exploration, we've introduced a couple of new weapons to the game. While currently only neccessary to destroy your friends and their stuff, this will not be the case forever - so you can work on your handling and accuracy in the meantime.

Unlike the existing energy weapons, these will require magazines which can be refilled from an Ammo Box. All craftable in the Fabricator.

Access Control[edit]

This week brings the first-pass of our Access Control system. This means the system is available to use, but will almost certainly change in the future based on your feedback about how you're using it and would like to use it. Let us know in Discord what you think!

The first thing you'll need to get started securing your base, is the new Security Printer manufacturing machine. The kit can be manufactured in your Fabricator or in the Electronics Printer.

Using the new printer, you'll want to print an Access Controller cartridge for your tablet. Using this, you can assign access to various colours of access cards that you can also print in the security printer.

In order to be able to interact with the object, a player must have in their possession an access card of the matching colour. Access cards must be in either hand, or in the new Access Card slot in your uniform. The commander uniform can hold two.

Currently access control is not available on all items, but expect the range of things you can lock-down to expand.

Version 0.1.1362.6552[edit]

  • Added first pass of access control. Access Cards can be made in the (new) Security printer, which are preset with access according to their color. You can also make a new Cartridge for Access Control assignment (on the Security printer also). Currently access control can only be assigned to Doors, crates, and lockers but there is nothing stopping it being extended to pretty much everything we want in the game. This will be expanded on later, and exposed to the logic system. Access is controlled/stored as bitflags so bit operators may be needed in future for the logic system.
  • Added Access cards (see access control above). To use, have them in your hands or in a access card slot. They all are considered together, so holding Red and Blue Access cards in your hands will give you access to both systems.
  • Added Security Printer for printing Access Control equipment and weapons.
  • Added Access control support to a range of items, including all logic switches/dials/buttons, all basic manufacturing machines, AreaPowerControl units, and dynamic scrubbers and air conditioners. Items like consoles and computers you'll need to keep behind access controlled doors for now.
  • Added Access Card slots to Jumpsuit (One card) and Commander (Two cards).
  • Added first pass of projectile firearms. Now spawnable/craftable are the Pistol, SMG, Pistol Magazine, SMG Magazine, and Ammo box for reloading Magazines.
  • Added New, paintable model for RTG.
  • Added Search filter on the load world panel.
  • Changed Battery cells spawned by the debug menu now spawn at full charge.
  • Changed key bindings 'NextItem' and 'PreviousItem' to replicate the functionality of the scroll wheel for cycling through inventory slots, instead of cycling through debug spawnable items.
  • Changed Filtration Units and Air Conditioners are now paintable.
  • Changed Wall Heaters and Coolers now have a maximum stack size of 5 (up from 1).
  • Changed Egg Shell chunks are now stackable for easier clean-up.
  • Fixed incorrect blueprint for StructureWallLight.
  • Fixed Issue with part of the gauge markings on pipe meters being painted when painting the meter itself.
  • Fixed collider placement on StructureRocketEngineDestroyed to better align with the mesh.
  • Fixed Flares now load in with their correct stack size instead of always being 1.
  • Fixed Pipe Radiators are now paintable.
  • Fixed Recycling items that contain other items now awards their total recycled value, not just the value of the container.
  • Fixed incorrect respawn position when player died in Sleeper.
  • Fixed blueprint missing for precision place for Battery Charger kit, Authoring tool, and Nuclear Battery.
  • Fixed bug with Roller cover not colliding with self or other doors. Now correctly collides with other doors and other roller doors.
  • Fixed bug with roller cover collision for the handle not animating and not being in the correct positions. Now the handle is always the location of the collider for opening and closing it. Also fixed the small delay when opening and closing, now animation starts immediately.
  • Fixed some situations with inventory swapping between internal slots being allowed when it should not be, and interactions sometimes being allowed via the menu when they should not be. Now a* faux interaction is generated when making the UI and solves the problem.
  • Fixed missing blueprint meshes for Composite Cladding.
  • Updated Korean, Spanish, German and Japanese translation files.

Hotfix Patch Notes v0.1.1348.6486[edit]

June 08

An issue was identified with the patch that got pushed a couple of hours ago that made the new authoring tool a little too powerful, with its effects persisting even when it wasn't wielded. This has now been rectified.

Apologies to those who updated in the last hour and have to download another one, and those affected by the issue.

Version 0.1.1348.6486[edit]

  • Fixed Item kits not being consumed when used to place a structure.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1346.6482[edit]

June 08

It's just over a week since our last update (including a long weekend), so it's not a huge one - but included some fixes we thought were important to get onto the stable branch ASAP, with a couple of cool new features along for the ride.

As always, huge thanks to everyone in Discord who submitted suggestions and bug reports this week. More and more people are joining and participating in the discord and it's great to see.

Authoring Tool[edit]

While designed mostly as an internal tool to help us lay out scenario maps, the Authoring Tool allows for the immediate placement of structures without having to manually weld and wrench your way through build states.


  1. Spawn the authoring tool from the spawn menu.
  2. Select the structure/kit you want to build from the spawn menu.
  3. Right click to move to build mode and build as normal.
  4. Right click again to move out of build mode and you can now left on a structure cycle through build states.

Branching on Logic Computers[edit]

Logic motherboards in their original state allowed you to set conditions, that once met, would trigger some defined actions and progress to whatever state the player had set. With the introduction of false states, you can now specify a state you want the logic computer to transition to if conditions are NOT met. While a fairly minor change, this makes logic motherboards vastly more powerful and we can't wait to see what sort of systems the community are able to create with it.

A special thanks to Risu in Discord, who not only championed this change for months - but went on to demonstrate exactly how it could fit into the existing system with minimal disruption.

Version 0.1.1346.6482[edit]

  • Added False State to Logic Motherboard States. This allows you to configure a state in which the logic motherboard will transition to if conditions of the current state are not met, without triggering associated actions. To keep the existing behaviour on a given state, its false state should be set to itself. This will be the default for any states in saves created before this change was introduced. [Thanks to Risu on Discord]
  • Added Authoring Tool and Wreckage Constructor to help with authoring event maps.
  • Added DestroyedStructure base class and destroyed variant of Rocket Engine. These can be harvested using either a welding torch or grinder into wreckage chunks, that can be stacked and fed into a Recycler.
  • Fixed helmets carried by the player anywhere but their head no longer treated the same as a worn one, leaking atmosphere if open/damaged etc. [Thanks to Meow~ster on the Community Hub]
  • Fixed issue with SolarPanels vertical angle jittering while intializing immediately after loading world.
  • Fixed doors being placeable on the wrong faces after using another face placement structure to change the rotation to an up or down face.
  • Fixed part of the construction cursor being left in world if it was enabled when disconnecting.
  • Fixed Inability to use logic motherboards to work with the 'Setting' logic value on stackers.
  • Fixed motherships disappearing when moving away from starting point.
  • Fixed incorrect orientation of Corner Conveyor switches.
  • Fixed issue with how players were handled when on conveyors. This had previously forced us to disable conveyors influencing the player, so this has now been re-enabled.
  • Fixed mothership atmospheres now dump back to the main atmosphere controller if they are not in a room.
  • Fixed occlusion manager now only sets items grid controller to a mothership if they are inside a room.
  • Fixed Issue with the sun not working on Dedicated Servers due to missing value.
  • Fixed Flares now load in with their correct quantity instead of always being 1.
  • Fixed issue with many item configuration settings not being applied when loading a game on dedicated servers (such as logic chips/computers, solar control circuit boards etc).
  • Fixed Egg Shell chunks are now stackable for easier clean-up.
  • Updated Localization files for Spanish and Korean.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1323.6416[edit]

MAY 28

We're still hard at work our first 'Scenario' and the underlying events system (coming soon), but here are the more minor small fixes and additions to the game since the last stable branch update. Once again, a massive thanks to everyone in Discord and on Reddit playing the Beta branch. Your bug reports and suggestions are really helping us focus on the most disruptive bugs alongside working on the content that isn't ready for testing yet.

Fabricator Visuals[edit]

The fabricator had been largely untouched since it's original implementation early in development, but Simon made this cool 3d-printing shader. We hope to see more of this visual polish in coming patches.

Electronic Reader[edit]

The electronic reader cartridge for the tablet has been in the game for a long time, but with the list of crafting recipes up to 300+ it became quite hard to use. You can now point it at a crafting machine or a computer with a manufacturing motherboard and it'll give you a filtered list of just the recipes relevant to that machine.

New Wall/Door Variants[edit]

We have a range of new wall variants, including one with a rollcover door to hide your logic circuits and other wall-mounted devices. You can find the rollcover on the Door construction kit, and the new walls on one of four new Wall kits available for manufacturer in the Fabricator.

Adjustable Orbit Period[edit]

Added settings screen option for SunOrbitPeriod, allowing you to adjust the duration of a full sun orbit between 0.1 and 2x the base value of 1200.

Stacker Improvements[edit]

Added functionality to the Stacker. Can now read the contents with logic, and read/write the quantity setting with logic. It can also be used to automatically remove items from slots in a chute network, for example it can process a mining belt full of ores, outputting the contents onto a chute system one-by-one, then ultimately releasing the now empty belt.

Version 0.1.1323.6416[edit]

  • Added Electronic Reader Cartridge filtering. Target any manufacturing machine, furnace or computer with manufacturing motherboard and it will only display the recipes relevant to that machine.
  • Added RollCover "Door". You can build it using ItemKitDoor and place wires, pipes, and logic things inside it (they're actually placed on the frame behind it).
  • Added New wall types to 4 new kits. These kits can be built on the fabricator in the same way as the regular wall kit.
  • Added 3D printing shader for the Fabricator.
  • Added missing 4-way corner pipe variant and ruptured version.
  • Added settings screen option for SunOrbitPeriod, allowing you to adjust the duration of a full sun orbit between 0.1 and 2x the base value of 1200.
  • Added functionality to the Stacker. Can now read the contents with logic, and read/write the quantity setting with logic. It can also be used to automatically remove items from slots in a chute network, for example it can process a mining belt full of ores.
  • Added continuous collision detection for one second for items when they move to the world from a slot. This should reduce instances of things falling through the terrain.
  • Added ability to loop backwards through device and value selection on Logic Reader by holding the QuantityModifier key (Left-Alt by default).
  • Fixed pressure gauge needle on Portable Air Scrubber rotating in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed Game running in windowed mode now stays visible even if it loses focus.
  • Fixed Instances of the tablet falling through voxel terrain by enabling the 'Small Item' flag on the object to enable additional collision detection.
  • Fixed Atmospherics thread crash when deconstructing multiple pipes.
  • Fixed Increased idle power cost of Fabricator and Hydraulic Pipe Bender to bring them more in line with other manufacturing devices.
  • Fixed the inability to rotate walls and floors in some orientations.
  • Fixed Tidied up several item kit names for consistency.
  • Fixed Consoles not working in third-person camera mode.
  • Fixed Issue with the select recipe screen in network games, where clicking the recipe selection button on a machine will trigger the popup on only the hosts machine.
  • Fixed Issue where the front of ItemDrill was missing.
  • Fixed Floor Grates can now be rotated on any axis.
  • Fixed Missing localized name value for most recent frame variant (complete frame with corner removed).
  • Fixed issue where the the sprite references on ItemKitPipe were incorrectly configured, meaning it always displayed the yellow thumbnail no matter what colour they were painted.
  • Fixed error when ejecting silicon from fabricator. Added needed null check.
  • Fixed issue where loading settings from an old version could cause unrecoverable errors that required users to delete their settings file.
  • Fixed error when trying to recycle a reagent mix. Can now recycle reagent mixes, ores and ingots but the resulting slag will need to be fed through a centrifuge until it's back in the form of usable ores.
  • Fixed Stacker will now automatically eject whatever it is processing if an incompatible item is is in the input slot, allowing players to implement their own chute jam handling and resolution system.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1285.6308[edit]


Third Person Camera[edit]

One feature many people have been asking for since release is a third-person camera. For a game designed for first-person, this can create a lot of issues - especially in a game where running around in small spaces like caves and bases is common, so this took a lot of testing and refinement but is now working well! You can shift between third and first person modes by using the mouse-wheel to zoom in and out. You can disable the zoom functionality by unticking the 'Mouse Wheel Zoom' box on the Misc settings page.

Updating Original Assets[edit]

Quite a few of the models for some of the original devices were still their original prototypes. These have been updated to better fit the aesthetic of the new items being created.

Organics Printer[edit]

One of the harsh realities of space so far in Stationeers, is if you lose any of your starting plants or eggs, you're unable to get more. Now through the use of the Bio-Maker 690C you can recover from even the worst disaster and get your garden or chicken-coop back on track! Keep in mind the machine itself is expensive, and crafting organics is very very costly in energy terms - so expect to be using this as a last resort.

Recipe Selection Menu[edit]

For those tired of using the left/right arrows to find a particular recipe on some of the crafting machines with quite lengthy lists, you can now click on the right side of the contents panel to bring up a drop-down menu with all the recipes available on that particular machine.

Other New Stuff[edit]

ItemKitCompositeCladding can be manufactured at the Fabricator or Autolathe to provide some cosmetic relief to the outside of your base or ship. It comes in various styles and is paintable. It'll block the sun and other objects, but don't rely on it for creating sealed environments as it is not airtight. ItemKitFlag can be produced in the Tool Manufactory and also appears in your starter crate. They're paintable and can be used for marking paths or significant locations outside your base. They stay visible at much longer distances than other objects, even frames, and can be removed again using a crowbar. The Skybox has received some much-needed visual love, and the stars now move! A large update of item kits and paintable items, including all variants of floor, frame, sheet and wall kit items - and belts! Too much to mention everything here, but as always you can check out the full list of additions, fixes and changes below.

Version 0.1.1285.6308[edit]

  • Added Third person camera, can be activated with mouse wheel scrolling.
  • Added 12 variants of cladding, a paintable, largely cosmetic outer layer for your base. Blocks sunlight but not atmosphere. Grouped into Angled, Cylindrical, Spherical and Rounded options. Deconstructed using the Angle Grinder. ItemKitCompositeCladding craftable in the Fabricator or Autolathe for 1 Iron per kit.
  • Added Flags. Small, paintable objects that remain visible for 2x the distance of frames, to make it easier to mark the way back to base in case your tracker runs out of power. Craftable in the Tool Manufacturer and available in one of your starting crates.
  • Added Organics Printer. Starting items that were previously irreplaceable (Plants, Eggs) can now be produced at the cost of large amounts of energy. ItemKitOrganicsPrinter can now be produced in the Fabricator.
  • Added Recipe Selection menu "button" to the right-side of the contents screen of most manufacturing machines. This will bring up a drop-down menu that you can select a recipe from, rather than having to scroll through with the left and right arrows.
  • Added Corner Cut version of steel frames, the last missing variant for the existing cosmetic frame corner options.
  • Added New models for WallCooler, WallHeater and WallLights.
  • Added 3 new variants of wall lights (Long, Long Angled and Long Wide) available through the same ItemWallLight constructor as the existing wall lights.
  • Added New Skybox elements - Now there's stars and they move with the sun
  • Added Missing mirrored variant of long angled corner cladding.
  • Added Vertex shader to plants for slight movement.
  • Added Server-wide console log entry when players go unconscious, die or respawn.
  • Added new paintable, models for ItemKitWall ItemKitWallIron and ItemKitCompositeFloorGrating that are now visually distinguishable from each other.
  • Added automatic recycler recipes, so many items that were not previously recyclable should now be returning half their required ingredients. Time to clean up those bases!
  • Changed recipe for ItemKitWall. As Windows can now be created with ItemKitWallIron and Iron alone, ItemKitWall is now crafted with Steel instead of Iron and Copper at both the Fabricator and Autolathe.
  • Fixed Issue causing looping/stuttering sounds on devices when on Mars.
  • Fixed console screen interactions flickering when moving quickly. Console buttons should now be able to be selected correctly on fast moving motherships.
  • Fixed when plant grows it appears to be the wrong size on hydroponics tray.
  • Fixed issue where motherships would move erratically when a closed room was built on-board.
  • Fixed SolidFuelGenerator max sound distance set to correct (much lower) value.
  • Fixed Server now synchronizes game mode with clients, so if modified manually in the save this change should now correctly propagate to clients.
  • Fixed issue where machine inventories were not displaying portions of their contents correctly.
  • Fixed bug where some actions would not be performed correctly if using SecondaryAction mapped to a key rather than a mouse button.
  • Fixed error if a player respawned while a construction blueprint/wireframe was visible.
  • Fixed some input oddities when dealing with popup prompts like the new recipe selection dropdown and labeller window. Can now use the chat key to submit the prompt, rather than cancel it.
  • Fixed bug with some recipes not recognizing the correct list of ingredients due to small floating point precision errors.
  • Fixed MaxVoltage value on 5-way Heavy Power Cable Junction. Was 50k instead of 100k.
  • Fixed Inconsistent tool application. Windows and Railings final stages are now both deconstructed using the Angle Grinder.
  • Fixed Dedicated server ocassionally playing sounds like a client.
  • Fixed 5-way heavy cables de-spawning on game reload.
  • Fixed wilted plants being deleted immediately.
  • Fixed bug where Iron Wall Kits were twice as expensive to manufacture in the Fabricator vs the Autolathe.
  • Updated Localization strings for Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Spanish.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1234.6112[edit]


Consuming Food Changes[edit]

With Hunger mechanics in the wild for a few weeks now, we got a lot of feedback on how the hunger system has been to work with. One common complaint was that food was often wasted, as when consumed it used up a preset 'chunk' of food whether the character needed it or not. We changed it to instead consume food items the same way Duct Tape is consumed when repairing your suit. When using the item, it will only consume as much as you need. If you cancel the interaction before the progress bar is complete, it will award a percentage of whatever full-amount was able to be consumed.

Improving Old Systems[edit]

As we progress through development we're able to revisit old systems that have proven themselves to be a permanent fixture to the game and fill in any glaring omissions from their original implementation. This month, power cables got that treatment. There are now 8 different power cable configurations, available in both normal and heavy, all with damaged versions for when you accidentally wire up batteries in the wrong configuration or are not careful when welding around wiring. Basic manufacturing machines now properly save/load their current job and progress and the Network Analyser reports individual device power usage, even for variable devices like battery chargers or heaters.

Coming Soon to the Beta Branch[edit]

As always, much of the content we're building gets pushed to the beta branch every weekday. Here's some examples of the features that are in progress and should be available on the beta branch in the coming weeks.

Custom Worlds:[edit]

More control over the aspects of your world outside of the Mars/Moon/Space presets.

Mothership Docking:[edit]

Ability to construct a ship-dock, allowing you to create a simple airlock between your base and your mothership.

Graphics Improvements: New Skybox - now with moving stars!

Version 0.1.1234.6112[edit]

  • Added New food consumption system based on player feedback.
  • Added Missing normal and heavy cable variants (4-way and 5-way corners). Cable variant construction list order is now shared across both cable types.
  • Added Serialization of manufacturing machines current recipe and job progress (now persist through save/load).
  • Added Random rotation to plants when they are planted to make for more interesting grow-rooms.
  • Added Power used by individual devices to network analyser display in place of the 'Powered' message.
  • Removed Deprecated video assets from old main menu scene.
  • Fixed issue with plants showing all growth states at once in storage or when dropped in world.
  • Fixed Issue using chutes with Furnaces, Simple Fabricators and Stackers occasionally causing them to get jammed due to incorrect execution order. [Credit: Kamuchi]
  • Fixed Issue where machines could occasionally output incorrectly sized stacks due to a rounding error. [Credit: Risu]
  • Fixed missing burnt cable reference for Heavy Cable 5-Way Junction.
  • Fixed several errors in localization text XMLs.
  • Fixed flagging of items as out of bounds, reducing instances where items that have fallen through the world are not properly 'cleaned up'.
  • Fixed Rocket Engines gauge needle rotating around the wrong axis. Needles on the rocket engine gauge should no longer rotate into its face.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies around cable configuration and rotation restrictions.
  • Fixed performance problem with ConsoleDebug - added an additional check before setting _fadingOut to true as it was always being set back to true.
  • Fixed Issue where Solar Panels were re-calculating their grid bounds every tick, resulting in the allocation of a lot of memory greatly contributing to garbage collection frame drop issue.
  • Fixed Network Analyser now reports correct power usage values including draw from heating or battery charging etc. rather than just the base usage of the device itself.
  • Fixed Issue loading some save files that had incorrectly saved items with duplicate reference IDs of objects.
  • Fixed problem where stackers would occasionally back up by changing their order of execution.
  • Fixed Skeletons will no longer decompose if flagged as Indestructible.
  • Fixed Removed superfluous raycast on solar panels to improve performance.
  • Fixed issue calculating correct nutrition values to give from eating items.
  • Fixed issue where consuming a whole piece of food at once would reward no nutrition.
  • Fixed Milk to now work with food consumption changes.
  • Fixed power usage value of reversed stacker so it uses as much as the default version.
  • Fixed issue where the logic computer was unable to write values to most devices.
  • Fixed issue where clients would have issues joining dedicated servers running the Mars map.
  • Fixed over stacking plants when harvesting, now they drop in the world instead.
  • Fixed issue with Disable Particles on Menu checkbox behaviour being inverted and not applying correctly on load.
  • Fixed issue where manually entering a decimal value on a settings slider would result in an error.
  • Fixed bug where the quantity of food consumed would be removed from the item twice, resulting in consuming a full item rewarding no nutrition.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1203.6028[edit]


Much of the work for the last few weeks has continued towards our Mars scenario. This has included a lot of fixes to the previous content as well as fixes to the mothership system - which allows you to build rockets and ships to get around in future. These will form the end of the Mars scenario.

Mars Awakes[edit]

We've enabled Mars as a world type on the main menu, but it's functionality is still pretty basic. What this means is that you have a world that has the atmosphere like the real mars, but we haven't finished adding content to help with the unique tasks of running Martian base. A good example is that the airlock controller assumes a vacuum on the outside for the moment.

Portable Solar[edit]

As shown in the gif above, you can now make a portable solar for charging batteries in those really rough situations! It is constructed on the Electronics printer, with a recipe similar to that of the Solar Panels themselves.

Improved Art[edit]

Petr has slowly been improving the art, including now the Active and Passive Vents, as well as the heavy cables. There is even a few new heavy cable variants in there that the community has been requesting. More of this will continue!

Version 0.1.1203.6028[edit]

  • Fixed another couple of instances where sounds had incorrect MaxDistance values set and as a result could be heard much further away than intended.
  • Fixed a bug with room data was not cleaned up when session ended.
  • Fixed an issue atmosphere would exit when deleting Sleeper.
  • Fixed bug with Scrubber not venting air when set to Open due to exceeded pressure error state. Now will vent even when completely full, if the lever is open.
  • Added Portable Solar. When placed outside of inventory, the panels will open. A battery can be placed inside, and available sunlight will be used to slowly charge the battery. Can be constructed using the Electronics Printer, using similar resources to the large solar panel.
  • Added Heavy Cable variant for 4-way corner piece. Constructable from Heavy Cable Coil.
  • Changed heavy cable to models which were more distinct and fitting with aesthetic of the game.
  • Added 3-way corner heavy cable model, in line with normal cable coil corner.
  • Fixed out of focus main menu
  • Added DOF to be removed when enabling menu lite option
  • Fix construction cursor flickering when building walls and windows.
  • Added Soy Oil that can be produced in the Reagent Processor from Soy Beans.
  • Added Fries that can be made in the microwave using a Potato and a small quantity of Soy Oil. Provides a lot of calories.
  • Added Baked Potato recipe. One potato can now be turned into a baked potato in the microwave, for more nutrition.
  • Changed Portable Scrubber. Now will suck in all atmosphere when no filter is installed. Also added a level, when open, the internal atmosphere of the scrubber will be ejected into the world. This makes the scrubber more useful for different functions, such as clearing all of an atmosphere from a room on a planet.
  • Added an option in misc settings to enable a bare bones menu with no particles
  • Fixed issue with on/off sounds on Wall Heaters/Coolers MaxDistance setting, meaning they were always playing at full volume no matter where the player was in relation to them. Let us know if you notice any other objects behaving in a similar way.
  • Fixed Clients joining servers with custom global atmosphere. Client now receives the global gas mix during the joining phase
  • Fixed items and structures occluding when moving too fast. Things no longer flicker on and off when moving quickly on a mothership.
  • Fixed self collision for all things in thing Awake
  • Fixed construction tooltip while building on moving mothership
  • Fixed motherships velocity is now correctly clamped. This value will probably change but it's set to the same as the player for now.
  • Fixed motherships constantly pitching/yawing before snapping back to upright after collision.
  • Fixed being unable to build on mothership while it's moving. Still some problems when the ship is rotating that need fixing.
  • Fixed tooltips jittering on motherships.
  • Fixed Active Vent missing box collider so could not be deconstructed. Now has correct collider.
  • Fixed dynamic scrubbers not working in global atmospheres. Dynamic Scrubbers should now be able filter and trap gasses from global (e.g. Martian) atmospheres.
  • Reverted global atmosphere per AtmosphericsController back to a single global atmosphere
  • Fixed most interactions on moving motherships - Now using the interpolated RigidBody position with the camera offset added. Camera position wont work properly while the player is moving
  • Added sun fading out at night time to reduce the occurrences of seeing the sun through the terrain and the terrain not casting shadows on objects
  • Fixed HandleCollision doing excessive work - HandleCollisionsWith was being called multiple times on each structure and was doing it for each other structure. Removed pointless checks and added a magnitude distance check using the bounds of both objects to see if they could potentially be touching.
  • Fixed items jittering when being pushed by a mothership. When their grid controller is changed to a mothership interpolation is enabled.
  • Fixed issue where Asteroids in space were not visible after loading from save.
  • Changed Active Vent model to new model, in line with other atmospheric item changes.
  • Added first pass of new New World Menu including custom world settings screen. Customizing some settings not yet supported, so consider it a work-in-progress for now.
  • Fixed motherships using the main global atmosphere to using their own copy - still more work to be done on the mothership AtmosControl
  • Fixed Tanks dynamic tanks in tank connectors colliding with motherships affecting the motherships movement
  • Made Mothership be affected by Gravity
  • Fixed NRE when fail to join server.
  • Added new localization strings for Workshop page
  • Fixed creative mode setting not applying correctly from map presets.
  • Fixed broken scene reference to Speech Recognizer.
  • Changed Mars temperature to -60
  • Fixed issue where world settings were not being properly initialized if you started a second game without restarting the client.
  • Fixed issue where world name was not being set correctly when loading a game.
  • Disabled custom world parameters temporarily while a couple of server issues get resolved.
  • Changed automatically assigned tags for workshop saved game submissions.
  • Fixed stuttering introduced in 5919 by reverting some bad logic in WorldManager
  • Fixed error when pressing the create world button without selecting an option. It now defaults to the moon world if no button was selected
  • Fixed hunger no longer applies to characters inside a sleeper.
  • Fixed holes in terrain caused by registering with incorrect neighbours
  • Fixed incorrect mars atmosphere composition
  • Fixed items falling through terrain when loading a saved game caused by terrain not loading in properly around things
  • Added World Settings are now saved out when the world is in worldsettings.xml. When loading a game, if this file is not found it will fall back to the old method/presets.
  • Moved world settings to XML. All world settings are now exposed in XML. This allows for adding custom world types and exposing the settings in game
  • Added custom world generation parameters. It is now possible to define your own world terrain generation via XML
  • Improved speed of terrain generation significantly through micro optimisations and removing unnecessary bounds checking when setting voxel.
  • Fixed NRE by checking that CurrentBuildState is set before attempting to access its renderer.
  • Fixed will now display default image if no mod preview image is provided.
  • Replaced Passive Vent model with new model.
  • Fixed cast bar getting stuck when consuming cereal bars too quickly.
  • Fixed airlocks leaking atmosphere when internal doors are open. 1x1 rooms should no longer leak atmosphere.
  • Missing material for baked potatoes.
  • Fixed ore smelting gas always being output into world atmosphere. Now smelting gases in furnaces should output into connected pipe network again instead of world atmosphere.
  • Added egg carton recipe for the fabricator
  • Added Baked Potato.

Hotfix Patch Notes v0.1.1178.5891[edit]

FEBRUARY 23 Due to the scope of the changes we pushed yesterday, a couple of significant bugs were found and have been addressed today in this hotfix.

A change to how gas mixtures were being calculated from smelted ore meant that smelting stacks caused incredibly large quantities of gas to be produced. They should now be back to producing their expected amounts.

Another unexpected side-effect of the atmospherics changes was that Ice would no longer melt in a vacuum, even when under direct sunlight. Ice should now be back to its default behaviour.

A couple of other less impactful bugs were resolved as well and will be detailed below.

Thanks everyone for your patience, and a massive shout-out to everyone who submitted bug reports today. It really helps us get to the bottom of these things quickly.

Version 0.1.1178.5891[edit]

  • Fixed ice not melting in vacuum. Ice now melts either if it is in a warm enough atmosphere, or if it's in sunlight and not in a cold atmosphere - including vacuum.
  • Fixed Open Workshop button on Workshop page to correctly take you to the page for the currently selected mod rather than the Stationeers workshop.
  • Fixed bug where smelting would calculate the resulting gas mixture cumulatively for stacks of ore, resulting in huge quantities of gas being produced. [credit: Risu]
  • Fixed water spreading. Water was not spreading after the global atmos update but has now been reintroduced and made to work with the global atmosphere system.
  • Fixed labeller cancel button not doing anything.
  • Fixed Stairs being able to be built on top of eachother/other things - Stairs was overriding a wrapper method that wasn't being called wrapper method removed and override corrected.
  • Added an egg carton to the starting crate.
  • Added egg carton recipe for the fabricator.
  • Added Baked Potato. Can be spawned in creative mode, but no recipe yet.
  • Added Potatoes to starter crate.
  • Fixed DynamicGPR colliding with player when in an inventory slot - The item was tagged as "CollidersAlwaysVisible", should have been untagged.
  • Fixed some incorrect or missing localized text values.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1176.5874[edit]


It's been four weeks now since our last main branch push, so it is a pretty big update. A key focus for this period has been the ground work towards our "Martian Scenario" update. This will see the first true scenario for players to tackle. You will be stranded on Mars, and need to survive and build a rocket to escape. In preparing for this, we'll be forced to fix a lot of bugs and work on the "why" in the game, as well as the UI to support this kind of content.

Perhaps most importantly, the long awaited Ore Scanner is now in the game! Read about this and more in detail below.

Planetary Atmospheres[edit]

To bring Mars, and other, planets to life we needed to be able to allow them to have world atmospheres, instead of just vacuum like it is currently. This was a pretty major piece of work, refactoring how our atmospheric system worked, and also allowed us to find and fix a number of other bugs in the process.

Other than bugfixing, this doesn't have a major impact on the game at the moment but will have a profound effect on the game later with scenarios.


We finally have our first new survival mechanics in, getting ready for that Mars survival scenario we talked about earlier. You need to eat to survive, and to eat you will need food, and to make food you will need to grow. We now have a new hydroponics tray, new plants (such as the potato), and new recipes. Much more will come with hydroponics in the next few weeks.

Gas Generator / Large Tanks[edit]

A gas generator has been added, allowing you to generate power from gas that you combust. This is a fixed device that functions in a similar way to the portable generator. It's still a work in progress, so expect some changes and new features, functions, and bugfixes for it in the coming weeks.

Ore Scanner[edit]

As shown in the gif at the top, you can use a ground penetrating radar device to scan areas. The ore below will then show up on an Ore Scanner Cartridge loaded into a tablet. Build both of these on the Electronics Printer.

Expanded Workshop Support[edit]

We're excited to take our first proper steps with mod support. Much of our core game data is already stored in XML, so we have started here for mod support. This means you can change and add things like recipes, ore generation settings, and some basic world data - but you can't add new objects to the game... yet! We have focused on the core mod architecture now, how they are loaded and how you can reorder them. We'll be continuing to expand modding to cover as much of the game as we can over the coming months.

Check out the #modding channel on our official Discord for up to date information about the progress of our mod support.

Version 0.1.1176.5874[edit]

  • Fixed bug where status icons would not refresh properly when loading into a game where they should be visible.
  • Removed buggy bedrock texture - the bedrock level is not making it's way to the shader correctly. This data is already being reworked in a coming update.
  • Added decay state for chickens. Chicken corpses now disappear after a minute.
  • Added new Hydroponics Tray model.
  • Fixed accessing WorldAtmospheres adding a lock to GetAtmosphereLocal when accessing from outside the manager thread and redirecting all reading of WorldAtmosphere through GetAtmosphereLocal
  • Added warning for waste tank when it is broken, and therefore will leak air.
  • Added warning indicators and voice notification for Waste Tank. Now will disable warning when caution and critical, for either no waste tank existing, or over pressure. This helps avoid embarrassing instances where you have too much pressure in your waste tank and it explodes.
  • Added Ore Scanning. An item can be made called a "Ground Penetrating Radar". When activated, it scans the surrounding area. Using a Ore Scanner Cartridge in your tablet will allow you to view the scanned data. These items can be built on the Electronics Printer. This will help you locate different kinds of ores without having to directly mine. Different types of ores have different colors on the scan results.
  • Added voice notifications for Helmet Closed, and Helmet Opened. This will help avoid those embarrassing situations where you die because you pressed I and vented your breathing atmosphere into space, but didn't realize it was because your helmet was open.
  • Added Global Atmosphere system.
  • Added Hunger Rate to settings screen (temporarily). Allows you to scale how fast your character gets hungry by 0-4x. Not yet available for dedicated servers.
  • Added first pass of gas generator. Provides power from the gas combusted inside.
  • Added large tank, requiring 5x regular tank kits. Takes up 8 grid squares (vs 1) and has a volume of 50000 (vs 6000).
  • Added first pass of Hunger and Nutrition. If nutrition drops too low, player starts taking Starvation damage. Eat muffins or cereal bars to increase nutrition.
  • Added milk, muffin, cereal bar, egg, and wheat as edible types. These can be eaten using secondary action, or force feed to another human using primary action.
  • Added Corn calorie value. Now corn will provide a small amount of calories when eaten.
  • Added cereal bars to your uniform slots in case you're starting a new multiplayer game with lots of players.
  • Added new status icons for Hunger and Heath. Full, low, and critical food and health indicators appear and also include their current values.
  • Added Potato as growable (and edible) plant. Currently same growth stats as the wheat.
  • Added Skeleton's Ragdoll.
  • Added new filter options in Join World menu. Incompatible versions are now hidden by default, along with options to hide password protected and empty servers. Other improvements have also been added to stop it from locking up while refreshing the server list.
  • Added Workshop Menu.
  • Added to the StreamingAssets folder. See the readme.txt contained within for basic instructions on current mod support.
  • Added tag support for Steam Workshop mods.
  • Added Mods now reload whenever you leave the workshop menu, allowing changes to be applied without relaunching the game.
  • Fixed Chutes ejecting contents during load. When a world was loaded chute contents (and possibly manufacturing devices as well) would eject their contents. Now they will continue to loop correctly. Note: this will only work with saves from now on. Old saves with items in chutes will eject their contents until they are resaved.
  • Fixed sounds of nearby structures in vacuum popping in and out while you're in a pressured room. Should no longer hear phantom sounds from machines in vacuum.
  • Fixed radiators not working in vacuum. Radiators should now begin radiating heat again on the moon.
  • Tweaked some values for the quest panel in the tutorial. This should be a bit easier to read now.
  • Fixed power connector not able to have portable generator wrenched onto it. Now can correctly wrench a portable generator to a power connector, to get generated power from it. Credit to Risu on Discord for solution.
  • Fixed unable to change dynamic air conditioner's mode while wrenched onto tank connectors.
  • Fixed duplicate atmosphere error causing atmospheric controller to crash
  • Fixed null error on atmospheric things when entering rooms with no Atmosphere
  • Fixed Soybeans never maturing and becoming harvestable.
  • Fixed ScreenFilter not clearing when loading mod data, preventing loading data more than once per launch.
  • Fixed bug where large batteries in the mining drill were rotated in a way that meant you couldn't see their charge level.
  • Fixed NRE in dedicated server when stop server and press ESC button.
  • Fixed some duplicate initializations when starting a new world.
  • Removed some unused ore game objects from WorldManager Prefab.
  • Removed old code for changing material on ores that was no longer needed.
  • Fixed data disk slots incorrectly oriented on StructureComputer. DataDisks placed in a computer should now be rotated correctly. (Thanks Risu!)
  • Fixed bug with APCs drawing more power than needed if charging nearly-full batteries. APC power draw now takes into account battery charge.
  • Fixed NRE in tracker on dedicated server.
  • Fixed issue where client didn't play WeldingTorch and MiningDrill sound when they activated.
  • Fixed bug with some operating systems where the game couldn't determine voice control compatibility.
  • Fixed bug where starting condition selection dropdown box could get into an infinite loop.
  • Fixed sync problem in out of sight objects. Client caches things information within 60m. When a thing is interpolating while entering occlusion range, it can get stuck if there is an obstacle between positions.
  • Fixed non-latin languages not working on signs and pipe labels. Signs and labels should now show non-latin text correctly if the right game language is selected.
  • Fixed missing nutrition warning voice messages and missing heath icons.
  • Fixed issue where workshop mods would not be tagged as such if they were disabled.
  • Fixed Loading now skips items saved with invalid locations.
  • Fixed saves loaded with dead characters were not given the option to respawn. Now the respawn dialogue correctly loads when player loads their game.
  • Increased calorie storage for humans. A full stomach will last over one hour of playtime.
  • Increased Muffin calorie value. Only two bites of a muffin will provide full calorie storage for a player.
  • Fixed Damage states not being serialized. Now damage values for all things are included in save file and are correctly deserialized when loaded.
  • Fixed total damage for entities incorrectly using body oxygen damage state when should use the brains oxygen damage state.
  • Fixed UnauthorizedAccessException when starting dedicated server in different path. It's caused by wrong initialization orders. You can run it in any path.
  • Fixed bug where resetting controls to defaults was not saving the new keys correctly.
  • Fixed wrong recipe index when server and client have different language settings. It's fixed in Autolathe, ElectronicsPrinter, HydraulicPipeBender, ToolManufactory, ScreenConstructionJob, ScreenFilter.
  • Fixed issue where new implementation of starting equipment did not include Duct Tape.
  • Fixed issue where any progress panel displayed after the first would have no background.
  • Updated upload progress prompt.
  • Fixed gas canisters disappearing when blown up. Canisters now remain in the world, in a blown up state.
  • Fixed Game Settings heading in settings page not having a localized key.
  • Changed StartingCrates definition to be generic for DynamicThings. Now includes definitions for AirConditioner and Scrubber.
  • Added support for custom name and custom color in InventoryData and DynamicThingData, used with the ConditionData custom starting condition systems.
  • Changed initial spawn items. Now air conditioner, scrubber, and beacon spawn with fully charged battery cells.
  • Changed Starting Inventory and Starting Crates to be combined as a Starting Condition type. Different Starting Conditions can be loaded and, for now, appear as options in the Gameplay settings menu. This will be expanded to affect only new worlds, but for now, will affect any world running on the host. These can be made as mods.
  • Updated Portuguese and Spanish localization files
  • Fixed Players now start with the correct number of Iron Frames.
  • Fixed Disconnecting from a game (or getting disconnected from a game) now closes any prompt that is up on screen.
  • Fixed NRE when respawning.
  • Fixed NRE when sending player state while disconnecting.
  • Fixed starting equipment now gives you the correct number of cables.
  • Reduced memory usages and connecting time. Client receives chunks data around own player when connecting. Explored chunks are cashed on client. It will be reset when you connecting. Server(host player, dedicated server) has all players' explored chunks.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese localization
  • Added XML game data for player starting inventory. The StartingInventory game data list from XML contains references for what all players will have as starting inventory. This allows servers to run custom starting inventories for players. This is currently a global value, but will be subject to change to support scenarios in future.
  • Fixed frames and other items spontaneously combusting when it shouldn't.
  • Added Starting Crate data to XML. Basic starting crate data will now be configurable based on data contained in the StreamingAssets/Data XML file contents. This might be shifted into scenario data XML classes in later updates however so is subject to change.
  • Added ReagentProcessor recipes to XML data format. Currently takes input prefab and output prefab. System to be extended to include quantity calculations in future.
  • Added duplicate recipe check to Autolathe, ElectronicsPrinter and PipeBender for recipe mod support.
  • Moved map upload progress bar to it's own window so more workshop functionality from map publishing can be used for mods.
  • Added Japanese localization files
  • Updated German, Spanish and Traditional Chinese localization files
  • Fixed Atmospherics error when picking atmosphere to emit visualizer particle from.
  • Fixed Large Gas Tank exceeding current maximum small grid allocation. Old max was 200 small grids, new max is 800 small grids.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1130.5676[edit]


Coming soon: Ore Scanner[edit]

Not enabled in this update but coming soon on Beta branch we have to show you it! A lot of feedback has highlighted the grind/boredom of mining. It's a challenging issue to solve as we don't want to unbalance the game. The approach we are trying now is to give players more options that they can gain to find different ores. The provided gif is "real" ingame view of how the ore scanner is working. It shows different ores as different colors, using some cool shader magic.

Fixed Beacon[edit]

A very common request in Discord, and on the Steam forums, has been a fixed beacon. This is a beacon that is buildable on the grid, as opposed to the existing dynamic beacon that is battery powered and in your inventory. We now have a working fixed beacon! While adding this, we also fixed up a number of bugs associated with tablets as well.

Gas Tank Storage[edit]

A very old model for gas tank storage has, thankfully, finally been replaced. It takes exactly the same amount of space as the previous model so it shouldn't cause issues for existing saves. It does, however, now contain a data port which will allow reading and writing of values to allow its control a bit easier using logic components.


We now have 12 languages in total supported in the game! This is almost entirely due to the really great community support in localizing these. As of this update, we now support simplified Chinese and Korean - using special fonts. A huge thank you to the diligent community who have really done a tremendous amount of work to make this happen.

Version 0.1.1130.5676[edit]

  • Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException when you create Moon and then create Space. One of necessary variable wasn't initialized when switch world.
  • Added Fixed Beacon. This is a placeable structure that requires 300W of power, but broadcasts its location. This can be accessed via the Tracker Cartridge, just like normal beacons. It can be built using the Electrical Printer.
  • Replaced Gas Tank Storage model. Same dimensions. Also has a data port, so you can read values from it using the logic system.
  • Fixed issue where Air Conditioner operation was flawed. Community provided new coded solution. Credit to Illiux who did math for heat-pump, Zaneo for providing advice and direction, and Dimitri for the actual code. Heat-pump calculates per tick power cost of energy transfer when heating and cooling. Additionally energy from pump work is added to waste or output, because of this heating cost a bit less then cooling. Cost of energy transfer and amount of additional energy added is calculated using Coefficient of Performance.
  • Fixed tablets not working when loading with them in player inventory. They were not being correctly initialized on player locality change. Now they will correctly reinitialize when a player takes control of a entity.
  • Fixed connection problem when there are hundreds of linked devices including Logic reader/writer, filter, Circuitboard, LogicMotherboard. It didn't check message buffers size when sending sync data. It usually stuck in applying chunks data 90%-100%. You can join server that it was fixed.
  • Added support for kick and ban messages for servers hosted via dedicated server or full client.
  • Improved player ragdoll behaviour. Bodies should move less erratically while unconscious or dead.
  • Fixed battery charger distributing power to charged batteries. Now the charger only adds charge to batteries that aren't full.
  • Fixed Join World button is disabled when player returns join menu from game.
  • Fixed Inactive ServerListItem Animators being called when disabled. causing lag on player load.
  • Fixed Eyes should now correctly close when you die.
  • Fixed Writing decimals to logic memory unit from logic computers.
  • Fixed Log spam issue that occured when infinite floating numbers were set for rotations in IK Solver.
  • Fixed Skeletons can no longer be set on fire.
  • Fixed issue with persistent player corpses on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed missing EntryTools for Chair, Turret and engines.
  • Fixed truncate chatting text when it's full. It will scroll properly.
  • Fixed items being invisible when viewing your own dead body after re-spawning
  • Fixed error when disabling shadows on re-spawn
  • Added skeleton despawning after 60 seconds.
  • Fixed re-spawn while in decayed State(wasn't working at all)
  • Fixed some dropped items being invisible(because they were still on the wrong layer)
  • Fixed bug where dead and despawned players would still cast shadows.
  • Avoided possible divide by zero in cell charger.
  • Fixed ores not appearing on load for non-dedicated hosts.
  • Fixed NRE in CameraCollisionHandler. It failed to join server on a certain pc configurations because of the time taken to initialize the camera.
  • Disabled water shader for OpenGL and DirectX 9 that was preventing compatability.
  • Added Simplified Chinese localization.
  • Added Traditional Chinese localization.
  • Added Korean localization.
  • Added support for Japanese localization.
  • Updated localization files for German, Russian, Spanish and French
  • Fixed dialog boxes showing squares in some languages.
  • Fixed unreadable tips on loading screen when using a CJK font.
  • Added more missing strings for localization including the Change Appearance screen.

Hotfix Patch Notes v0.1.1143.5721[edit]


A quick hotfix to address some major bugfixes. Our team worked closely with community reports to identify and solve a major atmospheric issue. Atmospheres were "disappearing" still, due to a threading issue. This has been fixed! Additionally, improvements were made to terrain generation and water visualization.

We're still working on the content update, which some great new stuff coming! But we wanted to get these important fixes into your hands as soon as possible.

A big thank you to everyone in the community, without your support in the forums and on discord it would have been much harder for us to catch and solve this major atmospheric issue!

Version 0.1.1143.5721[edit]

  • Significantly improved terrain generation by splitting terrain features in to regions. Each voxel now only samples from close regions.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in updating grid information.
  • Removed some unused calculations from the water shader
  • Fixed the water connectivity calculations for the water VisualizerExtents
  • Fixed water not dissipating in vacuum
  • Improved connecting time and added sync data progress. You might miss to progress it because small size of network messages are combined up to 100 messages.
  • Fixed Steam AuthTicket Exception. When it happens, game will proceed to join. You'd better to restart game. It already lost steam connection.
  • Updated New World menu thumbnails
  • Upgraded Gas Display Circuitboard to connect to Gas Tank Storage. Gas Display now shows temperature and pressure of gas canisters stored in Gas Tank Storage.
  • Added logic support to GasTankStorage. GasTankStorage now exposes it's held gas tank's atmosphere data (pressure, temperature etc) on the logic network.
  • Updated German, Spanish and Traditional Chinese localization files.
  • Fixed wall heaters not drawing enough power. Wall heaters now draw 1005w of power when working.
  • Fixed gas display displaying wrong values when it exceeded 999. Now updates the unity under the value to be correct.
  • Fixed Atmos leaking bug
  • Added support for localizing unmined mineral names.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1111.5605[edit]


The rest of the team is back at work now and have been looking at where priorities lay for the games continued development. Leading up to and immediately following the early access release the focus was very heavily on fixing bugs and implementing easy quality-of-life fixes, but we can now start looking at getting some of the planned and partially-implemented features into the game, while continuing to deal with the less-impactful bugs and things like missing localization or user interface issues.


For those players who would like death to be a little less destructive, we've added the ability to respawn upon death. Once your old body decays, you'll be able to retrieve your inventory contents, assuming you can get to it.


Looking at server performance, one thing we noticed is having lots of dead player ragdolls floating around had a significant performance impact. To alleviate this players will now (after a short period of time) drop everything they had on them and decay into a Skeleton.

Translucent Ices[edit]

Added translucency to Ices and some Ores in the terrain.

Version 0.1.1111.5605[edit]

  • Improved collision handling to reduce instances of small items falling through terrain.
  • Fixed problem that could occasionally prevent saves with logic displays from loading completely a display tried to show a character it didn't have a mesh for.
  • Fixed bug where localized values were not being loaded correctly for some interaction buttons if the item was incorrectly configured.
  • Identified issue with terrain causing a lot more work when saving and loading and resulting in more memory usage than was required. Improved, but more work is planned for terrain optimization.
  • Disabled Main Menu Workshop button while the mod interface is implemented and tested.
  • Fixed issue where Nav Meshes were not being correctly cleaned up when leaving a game.
  • Added more visual feedback on the keybinding screen and added a prompt if people attempt to rebind mouse buttons.
  • Refactored many places where memory was being allocated around the project to optimize garbage collection, improving performance.
  • Disabled WaterVisualizer loading on dedicated servers as they're never rendered.
  • Death of any organ on a player now instantly kills the player.
  • Fixed issue with players occasionally spawning inside the terrain or outside the tutorial base on the tutorial level.
  • Continued working on replacing placeholder text and button names with localized versions.
  • Fixed respawning beside old body instead of spawn point.
  • Improved UI flow when revived before respawning.
  • Fixed issue of being unable to be killed after having been revived once.
  • Fixed respawning from the respawn menu after someone revived you. You could respawn after getting revived, which meant that now your old body was alive again, but brainless and useless, since your brain got moved to your new body.
  • Added respawn prompt localized text values.
  • Fixed helmet not visible on old body after respawn.
  • HealPill should now correctly heal burn damage. It would heal brute and stun damage, but not burn damage. So if you got shot, or got burned, healpill would have done nothing.
  • Added bindip command which binds specific IP on dedicated server when it has multiple IPs. It's available only on IPv4. Usage : rocketstation_DedicatedServer .exe -bindip=
  • Fixed error in English localized text entry.
  • Updated Spanish translations. [credit: socramazibi]
  • Added more localized labels for server detail window and skeletons.
  • Tweaked the Join World menu server browser. Tweaked colors and icons in Join World server browser. Servers that can be joined are more obvious and updated linux server icon.
  • Added translucency to ice ores and silicon.
  • Fixed object reference error with chute bin.
  • Added some more localized versions of button and placeholder text fields on the save and join world menus.
  • Fixed Camera being moveable when Dead.
  • Decay Stage added to Human. 3 minutes after dying you will now drop all items and turn into Skeleton. Skeletons represent a dead player who has no chance of being revived.
  • Organ death now results in major Brute damage to player (Any organ failure will put you into Dead state).
  • Fixed bug with Brute damage not being able to decrease if it was at cap
  • Fixed spawning in wrong position (fixes wrong tutorial spawn position and fixes falling through terrain).
  • Fixed small items falling through terrain when moving fast.
  • Fixed respawn button disconnecting you instead.
  • Fixed airlocks not cycling properly on dedicated servers.

Hotfix v0.1.1115.5618[edit]

  • Fixed items being invisible when viewing your own dead body after re-spawning.
  • Fixed error when disabling shadows on re-spawn.
  • Added skeleton despawning after 60 seconds.
  • Fixed re-spawn while in decayed State (wasn't working at all).
  • Fixed some dropped items being invisible (because they were still on the wrong layer).
  • Removed all shadows of dead players.
  • Avoided possible divide by zero in cell charger. (Thanks Risu!)
  • Fixed ores not appearing on load for play host players.
  • Updated localization files for German, Russian, Spanish and French.
  • Fixed NRE in CameraCollisionHandler. It failed to join server on a certain PC because of delay to initial camera. It makes you join server properly.
  • Fixed battery charger distributing power to charged batteries. Now the charger only adds charge to batteries that aren't full. (Thanks Risu!)
  • Skeletons can no longer be set on fire. (thanks FlashDim!)
  • Fixed healpill not healing lung damage.
  • Respawn player on join if dead. Prevents situation where player disconnects while dead, and unable to respawn afterwards.
  • Fixed invisible favorite server list on join menu.

Notable Known Issues[edit]

  • If you die while holding an item (e.g. steel frames) and you respawn, you will now have the bounding box for that item in your hand.
  • Dead & unconscious bodies jittering.
  • Every time you load a game a new skeleton will spawn at the location that someone died.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1095.5529[edit]


Well we're nearly at the end of the break. It's largely been me at the office, and I've focused on some low risk new content, and fixes, over the past few weeks. Here's a last little bugfix update before everyone gets back! Again a big thank you to the awesome folks on Discord and the Steam Forums for reporting their bugs and issues. Sorry I couldn't get them all fixed, for now I'm only fixing pretty "low risk" bugs that I can safely and easily fix.

Additional Room Generation Fix[edit]

So my old room generation fix bought back the old problem of too many rooms, so I spent a fair bit of time and went through to refactor to deal with a weird edge case. What was happening was when you mined a voxel, it would ask "can I flood fill this as a room?" Basically, "is this an enclosed space?". And often for voxels the answer might be "yes! All my sides are an enclosed space!". But we didn't want that, they are junk rooms.

Room generation method has been changed again, but will only apply to new rooms. You don't need to do anything unless you are having issues with gravity or abnormally leaking atmospheres. If you do, if the square has voxels, briefly use the mining tool on the voxel to force a room generation reset. If it is a structure, remove the wall and replace, only one required per room.

Air Conditioneer Fixes[edit]

In the beta I fixed some issues. Well, my fix actually made the air conditioner entirely stop working. There is still an issue with power draw being too low, but it's better than it being too high. The AC is a very old device in the game, so it is going to be refactored in the future. It may be obsolesced and replaced with several devices that together achieve the same thing.

Low Pressure Combustion[edit]

Sometimes when depressurizing a room, the air or thing in the area could catch fire. This is because every electrical item in the game outputs a little heat, as energy. This energy being added to low pressure environments cause the temperature to get very high. So, for now, we are using the Armstrong Limit[] (6kPa) as a cutoff for nearly all world energy transfers that are device related.

For now, most devices (such as the wall heater/cooler, the portable air conditioner, etc... will no longer work below the Armstrong limit (6kPa). In future they will work, but less effectively

Version 0.1.1095.5529[edit]

  • Fixed LED Displays were displaying their values offset when they were placed in certain orientations. Now values will be correctly centered in all orientations.
  • Fixed some devices were adding energy from power usage to atmospheres that had only a small quantity of moles. For now, most devices will stop heating the atmosphere if it is below the Armstrong Limit (6kPa). In future, this will probably be lowered, as it is not realistic, but this will help with flash fires caused during decompression.
  • Fixed Air Conditioner not being able to be powered on. Now AC can be powered on correctly, it will not draw power through it's data network, and it will close itself when turned off or looses power.
  • Fixed bug with flood fill room generation generating junk values. Previous fix caused the junk rooms to return. When you would mine a voxel, this would cause an attempt at room generation. If all faces were closed, it would succeed and create a tiny one-grid room. Now this is checked for and prevented. Existing rooms will not be removed by this change, this only affects new rooms. Junk rooms are unlikely to have much ill effect but might cause gravity issues for the space world.
  • Fixed Air Conditioner double used power when heating. Now AC applies its passive energy use, and retains its active energy use to apply during power tick. Reported by Zaneo via email/discord.
  • Lowered view distance for Wall Lights, as their increased lighting distance was causing signficant frame drop.
  • Fixed cannot spraypaint pipe analyser. Now can be painted just like other devices and objects. Reported by Lizza on steam.
  • Fixed ices would melt when in subzero temperature even when in direct sunlight. Now ices will not melt, even if direct sunlight, if they are below freezing point. Reported by [BS] Fridge Lord on steam forums.
  • Fixed painted LED not changing color variable. This meant if you manually painted an LED, it would not change its color variable and would load with the default color (0). Now the color state is changed.
  • Added support for localized text to most alert and prompt popups.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1089.5513[edit]


Fixes and logic changes[edit]

Some big atmospheric fixes (detailed below), more dedicated server improvements (in changelog below), and some new logic content with some changes to it as well.

Entirely new Logic Displays[edit]

Logic Displays were released not long ago as a bit of a test, to give more flexibility for displaying values, without the performance overhead of inworld UI. The displays are actually mesh based, and use existing game materials, so we get some great performance from them versus the worldspace UI of, say, the airlock consoles.

However the old implementation was a bit limited. They've been moved to a more "pixel" based LED type that easily allows special characters and alphanumeric.

Additionally, the old method of changing the color (changing the mode) of the text has been replaced with a special interactable: color.

The old mode is now used for three display methods (with more to follow): Default (normal numbers) Percent. Takes a ratio (0 is 0%, 1 is 100%) and displays with % symbol. Power. Takes a number in Watts. Displays unit adjusted (i.e., in mW, cW kW, MW, or GW. The medium and large LED prefabs have been removed. These now have new models, with a unified button and connection placement with the small variant. You will need to replace these as they will have disappeared in your save if you had them.

Atmospheric Loss Fix[edit]

With the assistance of the community I found a major bug with room generation. The game "flood fills" when you place large structures, to see if it can find an enclosed space. For performance reasons, the game applies generalized atmospheric loss to non-enclosed space atmospheres. Basically this means that when an atmosphere isn't in a room, it will be depleting fast.

There was an error with the code that meant walls weren't always reliably causing rooms to be generated. The issue was particularly noticable when placing floor grates over voxels, in an otherwise enclosed space.

This fix only works for "new" rooms, not existing ones. To trigger room generation, remove walls and replace them completely in each enclosed space. If you haven't noticed the bug before, then you shouldn't need to do anything

If you continue to have issues, use Iron/Steel frames with airlocks to enclose your base - they are totally effective and confirmed bug free. Walls and particularly composite floors can be problematic with voxels. More fixes to come!

Version 0.1.1089.5513[edit]

  • Fixed Logic Motherboard missing a lot of functionality that were added to the Logic Units. This has now been unified with the logic units, so assessments available on one should also be on the other.
  • Fixed Construction Kits were not displaying an error message when there was not enough in the kit to build the current cursor device. Now correctly states that not enough is in the kit, and shows the cursor as red.
  • Fixed some missing strings for other languages.
  • Removed old LED Medium and Large displays. These will no longer appear in your game, and you will need to place new ones. Small displays placements are unchanged.
  • Replaced Mode change for LED light and display color, instead of using "Mode" setting you now use "Color" setting.
  • Added functionality on LED Display for different display modes. Current number (default), percent (input a ratio, i.e. 1 == 100%, 0 == 0%), and power (in watts).
  • Added new LED Displays. They can handle alphanumeric and special characters much better than previously, and will be updated with new functionality in the coming weeks. New LED displays have a standardized button and input placement, for easier use.
  • Fixed bug with display formatting for units. Negative values were sometimes considered "micro" units and were formatted incorrectly.
  • Unified Logic Motherboard and Logic Unit value setting.
  • Changed wall light distance setting from 4m to 7m. Now will provide light across a larger area, as requested by the community.
  • Fixed Large Tank and other internal atmosphere devices (such as the sleeper) only mix to meet pressure, they dont mix the energy and contents states. Now they completely mix with connected atmospheres.
  • Fixed Light Occlusion and Atmosphere world position updates not occurring on dedicated servers. Caused light issues for dedicated server logic systems and growing plants and solar heating of atmospheres.
  • Updated community provided Russian translations.
  • Fixed atmospheric loss due to ungenerated room cells. Rooms were not being correctly generated in some instances, such as below floor grates when there was voxels below. This caused the atmospherics system to consider below the grates as a vacuum and ablate the atmosphere dramatically, causing loss. Note: this will only affect NEW room generation! To force new room generation, lift up wall tiles and room generation will be forced for the grids above and below that wall piece. This was also the cause of zero gravity bugs in creative stations.
  • Added Idle logic readable to Arc Furnace. Will report 1 when nothing imported, and nothing being exported. Useful for making automated arc furnace systems.
  • Added Logic Dial. A dial with a configurable min/max and when dial is moved changes the value. Reports both its raw value, or the ratio compared to its max. The maximum value on the dial is the Mode.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1082.5494[edit]


Dedicated Server Fixes[edit]

Pretty hefty fix for dedicated servers in this update. There was an initialization error that caused a lot of problems for devices on dedicated servers. Good example is that Logic Units didn't initialize correctly previously, whereas now they do. There are potentially a lot of device related fixes on the dedicated server associated with this fix.

Active Vent Loading Issues Fix[edit]

Active vents were not correctly being serialized. It meant to get them working on a reload you sometimes had to toggle them on and off. Now you will need to do this once more, but from the next load they will be saved properly with their settings.

Colorable LED displays[edit]

You can change the color of an LED display with Logic Writers. The display "mode" is the color, just like the LED light itself. Change the mode and the color will change.

Cable Analyzer[edit]

This little device can be placed on cables, and provides data about the Actual, Required, and Potential watts of the cable it is on. This is really useful to use with the logic system instead of having to read these values from the power controller.

Version 0.1.1082.5494[edit]

  • Added Logic Readers can read from other logic readers. Useful if you want to pass values simply between separated networks without extra writers.
  • Fixed atmospheric devices were able to be set to unlimited values using logic units. Now they will clamp assigned values to maximum and minimum.
  • Fixed Microwave not informing player that recipe not continuing due to no power. Now tells player in tooltip that the device does not have power.
  • Fixed Active Vents not serializing their Pressure settings. Now correctly serializes their internal and external safeties. Possible fix for needing to reset active vents on load, as they were not storing their settings. Note: this will probably only work from the next time you load your game. So you will need to load, save, and then reload to see if it works.
  • Fixed various dedicated server initialization issues. Initialization on dedicated server has been changed to be similar to that which clients do, which might fix the many initialization problems on dedicated servers, such as active vents not working or logic units needing to be powered on/off on server restart.
  • Fixed Airlock Control Circuitboard exceptions and failing to correctly remove assigned devices. Now when an assigned airlock is deselected, the airlock is correctly removed. This should fix another edge case where airlock controllers would switch door assignments.
  • Added Mode to LED Displays. When you change the mode, you change the color setting for the display. This can be used with the Logic Writer to change the current color of the text in the LED display.
  • Added cable analyzer recipe to the electronics printer.
  • Added Cable Analyzer. This device can be built from a Kit (Cable Analyzer). Display shows the Actual, Required, and Potential power (in Watts) for the network the cable sits on. It also exposes this to Logic Units, allowing you to much more easily use the logic units to manage your power.
  • Added tutorial translations for French and Spanish.
  • Fixed gameplay tips were not being cleared between language changes. Meant that english tips were being shown for other languages. Now will show tips only from the supplied language. No tip will be shown if there are no localized tips for the current language.
  • Fixed out of range exceptions when writing incompatible logic values to mode (such as setting LED mode to -99), and possibly other state values. Now the state values for OnOff, Lock, etc... are clamped to binary values. Mode is clamped to the number of ModeStrings the object has, so the number of valid mode states.
  • Fixed LEDs color changing on reload. When first placed it would be white, but on load it would be blue, even though the mode was correctly set. Now the color is correctly initialized on load.
  • Changed Wall light kit name to Kit (Lights) in english translation, to better indicated that it can make both wall lights and the LED.
  • Fixed Logic Min/Max unit was saying "Greater" mode when it was actually "Less" mode (and vice versa). Now correctly reports it's current mode.
  • Fixed when deconstructing or deconstructing locker while the door closed, all the items would be correctly ejected but would be invisible. Now they are correctly set to visible when the the locker is destroyed.
  • Fixed Logic Writers writing to Lock values did nothing for all devices (particularly Airlocks and Chute outlets). Was trying to write to powered state. Now correctly writes to Lock state, very useful for locking the doors and chutes.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1078.5476[edit]


Happy Holidays! No content in this update, just some much needed bug fixes. Most of these come from really good bug reports via the discord - so thank you to everyone for helping us find the bugs. There is still plenty to do, and we'll have more updates coming out over the holidays.

Focus over the next few weeks will continue to be bug fixes to get the game more stable, then we will look at some more content.

Version 0.1.1078.5476[edit]

  • Fixed solar panel seperate data variant also allowed power from the data cable, as well as data, effectively doubling the power output. Now power is only allowed through the power connection.
  • Fixed Jetpack not stabilizing when Text Input Panel was visible. Characters in Jetpack modes should now have their velocity slowed when Text Input Panel is visible.
  • Fixed ToggleInfo Keybind (F4 Default) sometimes breaking the GameMenu from appearing. Game Menu should now appear when ToggleInfo panel is displayed
  • Fixed issue with Character rotating 90* in slot when Chat panel was active
  • Fixed being able to jump while cursor is visible
  • Fixed airlock control circuitboard reassigns exterior and interior airlock doors when they loose connection, resulting in confusing setups when the wires have been cut. Circuitboard will continue to remember interior/exterior doors but release them if they are not usable.
  • Fixed stacker caused ingots passed through it to not be saved. Now correctly initializes new stacks so that they are saved (and then loaded) correctly.
  • Added recipe number to tutorial, so that places know which recipe they need to find as there are a lot of recipes.
  • Fixed reversed transformer variant doesnt change the input/output and is actually the same as the master variant. Now correctly swapped inputs and outputs.
  • Fixed bug with labeller causing out of range exception when dropped while entering input. Now if the labeller is dropped or the device being renamed is destroyed, the input window will be automatically closed.
  • Fixed possible bug with centrifuge when importing "bad" stacks. If the stack had an error, could result in massive stacks in the game.
  • Fixed game locks up when deconstructing device that has extremely high number of reagents in it. Devices will now drop a maximum of 200 stacks when being deconstructed. Some "bad" stacks were causing huge reagent mixes, and then these broke the centrifuge.
  • Fixed able to put items inside their own slots, causing the game to lock up. Now cannot put items inside other items.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1062.5426[edit]



Now you can pass your waste products through a recycler to regain some of the components back. These will come out as generic mixes of reagents, that you generally need to pass back through the centrifuge to convert into their component parts.

As always, you can connect the recycler up to other machines using chutes.

Power Rework[edit]

There were a lot of bugs with the electricity system. This has been reworked. Previously APCs, Batteries, and Transformers did not work well together but their behavior should now be much more consistent. Two batteries connected to a solid generator will now each take 50% of the provided power.

Watch out! Batteries will take/give as much energy as they can - but they will blow wires in the process.


As with all our previous updates, the focus has continued to be bugfixing so there is a lot to see below. We are still working on a couple more serious dedicated server bugs, but we did manage to increase their stability and also the ability to connect much easier.

We have even more fixes now to thermodynamics, and some other weird edge cases (such as put an open canister in your waste slot). Check out the changelog below for full details.

Version 0.1.1062.5426[edit]

  • Fixed bug with Area Power Controller using increasing amounts of power when operating off battery. Caused batteries to drain completely very fast.
  • Fixed Logic Compare NotEquals always reporting false. Was not implemented, so always returning 0. Now returns 1 if values are not approximately equal (within float variant).
  • Fixed Reconnecting players spawning inside of grids. Now players position is reset client side if there has been a delay taking control.
  • Fixed OnThreadUpdate not running on dedicated servers. Dedicated servers should now work correctly with Daylight Sensors
  • Added text display to slots for Circuitboards, Motherboards, and Cartridges as a temporary solution so you know what they are instead of needing to drop them.
  • Reduced the cost of steel frames and sheets. Players using steel as a construction material will be rewarded by not needing to use as many resources.
  • Fixed issue where players would put open gas canisters into portable tanks, welders, etc..., and the canisters would leak all the air out. Now when a gas canister is inserted into something, it will be automatically closed.
  • Added recycler recipe to autolathe and fabricator.
  • Fixed glass recipe on fabricator to match that of autolathe
  • Fixed suit atmospherics will continue to use a gas canister when it is open. Now the suit will close tanks when using atmospheres, to avoid putting gas into waste tanks when they are open.
  • Added Recycler. Made from Kit (Recycler). Put things into this and receive resources back. Resources come out as generic reagent mixes, and will usually need to be placed into the Centrifuge to separate out into component ores for smelting. Also useful for turning ingots into ore again.
  • Changed Reagent mixtures from floats to double, to avoid floating point issues.
  • Draggable items now require you to be closer then 3 meters to interact with
  • Fixed bug where power usage for circuits reset to defaults.
  • Fixed signs not dropping kits on deconstruct, and large sign now uses 2 kits.
  • Fixed items spawned from stackers not saving.
  • Fixed floating point errors for reagents causing ratio issues with furnace. This meant that despite looking like you had the ratios, it was possible to not produce anything.
  • Added small screws to Logic Memory. Large screws provide increments of 100 (10 if holding ALT). Small screws provide increments of 1 (0.1 if holding ALT).
  • Fixed Power Controller abnormal behavior. They were discharging one tick, and then recharging the next. Now they will follow a steady state. Also, power controllers without a battery will act as a passthrough if there is any power available in the upstream network.
  • added LogicSwitch recipe to fabricator
  • Fixed stuck in loading screen when failed to join server on steam client.
  • Adjusted logic unit models so they will be hidden when a wall is placed over them. Cleaned up corrupted geometry on sides and back of model.
  • Fixed furnace arrows rotating weirdly. Furnace pressure arrow should no longer rotate out of the furnace.
  • Fixed asteroids not being rendered on load making them very hard to find. Space now renders all chunks on load.
  • Fixed players lungs were heating up to fast due to increased oxygen requirements. Now energy released due to heat is not scaled based on oxygen usage of the entity. This fixes players overheating very fast when suit air conditioning is turned off.
  • Fixed more circumstances of welders exploding, and players thermodynamics not making sense. Now solar heating is a seperate value. When suit AC is turned off, players suit will get hotter in the sun, and cooler in the shade (due to radiation of heat). Welders will still not heat up in the sun, but will allow quite a lot of heat convection/radiation. This means that they will radiate any excess heat away over time. But it does mean if doing lots of welding in a hot environment, you need to make sure the welder tank does not overpressurize.
  • Fixed batteries requesting more power than they can store. Batteries will now request up to their maximum power delta (difference between their storage capacity, and their current power stored). This means they will stop requesting power when they are full. Batteries will take and provide up to their maximum power delta in on tick, however, so use transformers to regulate this or you will blow wires.
  • Updated Ore Coal material with new textures
  • Fixed gas mask would retain its atmosphere when not worn. It could heat up and cause huge issues with atmosphere around it. Now when you are not wearing it, it will share its contents with the atmosphere so that this can't happen.
  • Fixed, in almost all cases, the sun casting light through terrain. Sun light and flare fade out as it hits the horizon on planets. Not changed in space.
  • Fixed issue with PlayerCharacters occasionally dropping through ground when loading a large world
  • Fixed transformers would always try to meet the entire demand of their child networks. This mean that they would overuse power. Now they will work together to meet a child networks power requirements.
  • Fixed transformers would not work unless their entire power requirement was met (which was usually the entire network load). Now they will flow through even part of their power requirement. They will be considered powered if they meet the network requirement, even if they don't meet their own setting. This means you only need to set the maximum requirement on a transformer, and not the exact amount.
  • Fixed Batteries (and other power storage) would not evenly charge. Now two (or more) batteries will split the charge available between them. Previously a bug meant that many devices would request infinite amounts of power during a power tick, forcing the use of transformers. Now if you place two batteries off a single solid generator, 10kW per battery will be applied. Previously the first battery would take all 20kW.
  • Added Required power info to the Network Analyser. This value is how much the network wants, versus potential which is how much it can provide, and actual which is how much it is providing. Helps with debugging power networks.
  • Fixed solar panels giving tiny amounts of power when they should not. This was due to floating point errors.
  • Fixed linux dedicated server fails to start when Blocked.txt doesn't exist.
  • Fixed broken dedicated server on linux. It couldn't load world data.
  • Fixed rooms not loading back in after save. This resulted in atmospheric loss, and zero gravity (in space) in places that were previously rooms.
  • Added flare recipe to the tool manufactory.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1052.5350[edit]


Connection Bugfixing[edit]

Today we focused on putting together many fixes that we had been working on to help players joining large worlds and servers with higher latency. Two key fixes are in this build: no requirement to have all world chunks on game load, and room checking on load/save to reduce junk in save files.

These two things should address some of the more serious problems players were having connecting to games. Additionally, an old voice command still existed in the game that would disconnect players (even players in single player!) this was the primary cause of the "kick back to menu" that players were experiencing.

So this update should give many players a pretty big bump in stability - but as always we need to test and confirm this.

Logic unit tweaks[edit]

We also did some work with logic units. There is now a button, and a new switch, that can be used. We added some commands to the Math unit, and made a single input math unit capable of doing math operations such as ceil, floor, and more.

Already players have been able to create some pretty cool systems - such as solar auto trackers, load balancers, and much more!

Batch Writers[edit]

So one of the big problems was getting lots of devices to change, such as solars. Now there is a Batch Writer that will write a value (say vertical percent for a solar, or setting for a transformer, or On state for a light) to all of a selected type.

Here you can see an example of using this to make a light switch!

Version 0.1.1052.5350[edit]

  • Fixed null reference exception that could occur on save due to room thread changing and altering. This was caused by the fix that would stop large saves with invalid rooms being initialized.
  • Made visual crystals less strict so more crystals are visible
  • Fixed null reference exception on Atmospheric Manager when air tank is null but waste tank is full.
  • Colliders on thrown objects will no longer be turned off if there's an object close to it when it was thrown. This should help prevent items being thrown through objects
  • Updated new ore types. New Uranium, copper, gold, silver, and coal models.
  • Added applying chunk progress in loading screen.
  • Added Unary Math unit to logic system. Able to perform Abs, Ceil, Floor, Round, Exp, and Log functions on input numbers.
  • Added chat fade delay which will auto-hide chat and console text after a delay. Default 10 seconds, set to max to disable.
  • Clamped auto-save interval values between 60 - 3600 (1-30 minutes, default 2 minutes).
  • Added revised community French and Spanish translations. Added new language for Portuguese translations.
  • Added a new Logic Switch and a Logic Button variant on the Kit (Logic Switch).
  • Added Batch Writer to logic system. This allows you to write values to all types of an object on the output network. Note that this only writes to objects of the exact same type, so variants of the same type will be considered different objects. The use example is that one batch writer will allow you to write to every single solar on a given network.
  • Fixed bug with Logic Writer network message not being received when switching logic writer type due to wrong network header being sent.
  • Fixed splitting stackable items. When splitting, the new stack would sometimes clip thought the floor and be lost. Split item/s now fall in front of the player
  • If the player has a free hand, splitting a stackable will now place the new stack in the free hand.
  • Fixed exception when opening loading screen with too few saves.
  • Fixed host not regenerating and applying mesh when terrain was mined outside of the chunk render distance. The host needs up to date collision mesh for all chunks.
  • Fixed minables being rendered when out side of chunk render distance on the server
  • Added sign recipe to autolathe.
  • Allowed atmosphere analyser cartridge to read small gas canisters.
  • Fixed analyzer text of water to H2O instead of HO2
  • Fixed huge world saves when saving rooms.
  • Disabled Frustrum culling for computers. Possible cause of FPS drops when looking away from a logic motherboard computer setup. This was because sometimes the computer was being hidden/rendered multiple times in a frame, forcing many position updates for the UI below.
  • Added Mod command to Math Processor. Allows the % math function to be applied. Format is Input1 % Input2.
  • Fixed bug where construction blueprint cursor is not correctly cleared upon quitting a game.
  • Fixed drop position. Item will now drop where the player is looking.
  • Reimplemented chunk streaming changes using the existing chunk IsRendered system and reduced the number of mesh and minable regenerations. Result is improved joining times and faster chunk generation.
  • Fixed network problem when joining server which has large chunk data and high latency.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1042.5301[edit]


New ore deposit models[edit]

We have a few of the new ore models in, not all, but we prioritized ones that looked very similar to other ones. We'll be continuing to tweak these, as well as the ore and ingot models, as we go.

LED displays[edit]

Use these as part of the logic system to display values you've created.

Important: Note that the solar logic values have changed. Logic systems may need to be updated to work with the new values, which make more sense.

More Server Browser options[edit]

Right click to bring these up.

Version 0.1.1042.5301[edit]

  • Improved scrollbars in menus and they now autohide.
  • Tweaked Join World menu overall. Now includes a new server info panel along with some other minor tweaks.
  • Reduced surface area scale of the radiator.
  • Reduced power usage of logic devices.
  • Increased power usage of the computer.
  • Reduced power usage of Tool Manufactory, Pipe Bender and suit storage.
  • Added new model and texture for Copper, Gold, Ice, Iron, and Volatile deposits.
  • Fixed Pipe Radiator was always radiating, and never convecting. This meant that a radiator would remove heat from a pipe network without even convecting it into their air around it. This was because it could never find an atmosphere.
  • Fixed Autosave was not pulling atmospheres in a thread-safe way and sometimes causing a collection modified error. Now serializes using a safe itteration through atmosphere data.
  • Area Power Controller now charges its battery even when it is turned off, and will work even if an output cable is not connected.
  • Added signs. You can now place 1x1 or 2x1 signs and write text to them with the labeller.
  • Made pipe labels transparent. Label text will now show up on the pipes without the white background of the label.
  • Added new option for solar panels. Now contains a variant that has a separate data connection. This provides better support for logic control.
  • Adjusted Pipe Radiator surface area x5 to provide more consistent radiation and convection.
  • Removed pipe radiator buff. They were x1000 times more effective than a normal pipe and it was causing weird math issues. Now they are x10 more effective than the same sized item.
  • Added three LED console displays. Can be written to using the Logic Writer and will display values. Constructable from the Console construction kit.
  • Added favorite popup menu to join panel and fixed black camera filter on main menu.
  • Fixed issues with certain MonoBehaviours being instantiated incorrectly. Causing occasional SetWorldEnvironments NRE when joining servers
  • Fixed wrong playtime in scoreboard.
  • Fixed label replacing menu background on failure to load/connect.
  • Added limited ability to bind keys to mouse actions and vice versa. Only supports 3-button mice for now.
  • Increased oxygen consumption for humans. Now consume oxygen at x10 the rate they used too. This means you are much more likely to run out of air. However, it also means you produce x10 the amount of CO2 that you used too.
  • Fixed pipe labels not drawing on load. Labels will no longer show up as blank when loading from a save.
  • Fixed Solar Panel read/write via logic uses different units. Now there is the base version (Vertical/Horizontal) that is in the master units (degrees, percent) and the ratio (0..1).
  • Fixed broken state on dedicated server. It wasn't updating state. It's related to Logic Motherboard, solar angle in Daylight Sensor, MotionSensor, Engine rotation. Now you can control solar panel with LogicMotherboard on dedicated server.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1038.5247[edit]


Logic Units[edit]

We heard you! Stationeers have been seeking to automate as much of their stations as possible, and we've had a number of issues with the logic motherboard system. This system was very UI heavy, making it difficult to do, and it caused numerous performance issues.

This update has a first pass of a logic unit system allowing you to build computer controls within the game.

You can build some really complicated stuff but when using these please back up your saves as there are some potential bugs that could brick your save with them!


Lots of bugfixes (see changelog below). There is now a button to clear disconnected players, until our respawn mechanics are in, as well as a RCON command for dedicated servers to clear disconnect players.

Hotfix 0.1.1039.5262[edit]

  • Fixed null reference exception with LogicWriter when adding a cable that is about to be deleted. Also broke saves when this happened.
  • Fixed null reference exception when setting mode of an LED to a value that was not an acceptable color.
  • Fixed Arc Furnace chute bug. If the arc furnace was connected to a chute, when it finished its current stack it would grab the next without exporting the one inside it. Now the arc furnace will stop its current activity if it has finished the stack it is smelting.
  • Fixed machines not being able to drop solder ingots
  • Fixed broken AirlockControl on dedicated server. You can open/close airlock on dedicated server.
  • Fixed (possibly) double inventory bug - force panel to clear whether or not parent present. 'Split Half/Split All' interactions should no long show up doubled.
  • Added community provided French, Polish, and Spanish language translations. Added German tips file. Select a new language under the MISC settings header.
  • Added setting to adjust the transparency of tooltip and progress bar backgrounds (Tooltip Opacity on Game Options page).
  • Improved joining logic by changing conditions to complete loading data. It allows you to join high latency server.
  • Fixed occasional NRE when saving out LogicWriter configuration.

Version 0.1.1037.5245[edit]

  • Fixed Logic Min/Max and Logic Select button was not doing anything when interacted with screwdriver. Now you can correctly change this using a screwdriver.
  • Fixed cables burning forever. Cables will now extinguish if it's in vacuum or doesn't have a valid surrounding atmosphere.
  • Added logic unit Min/Max (has old select functionality). Logic Select now does proper select functionality. Takes a 0 and a 1 line, and outputs the result based on the select input.
  • Fixed broken map on space in dedicated server. When it loads saved world, it forced to set Moon type. It will use proper worldtype.
  • Added Field of View adjustment and wave emote hotkeys to the keybinding screen from hardcoded keys (numpad +/-).
  • Fixed Client side jittering of stationary objects
  • Added logic switch. Allows you to manually set a logic state of 1 or 0 without having any tools.
  • Fixed bug where logic writer could only write variables that it could also read from.
  • Fixed issue with Speech recognition initializing on non-supported operating Systems
  • Adjusted social media icons. They now highlight in their brand colors.
  • Enabled workshop button on the main menu, opens the community workshop page in the Steam overlay.
  • Exposed more thing states and values to logic system, such as Import and Export device slot state and stackable quantities.
  • Refactor of the new logic unit system to be unified with the Logic Motherboard system. Now exposed nearly all interactable states to logic units for read/write and ensured thread safe.
  • Fixed misaligned settings in Misc Settings menu
  • Fixed SolarPanel writing to actual rotation value not target when being set via a logic unit.
  • Fixed exception with solars when assessing vertical state.
  • Fixed error with Logic Processors not allow client changes.
  • Fixed incorrect button labelling on Logic Writer.
  • Fixed wrong blueprints showing for new logic items.
  • Fixed Logic Compare was not configured to have it's states and therefore could not power on.
  • Removed ItemSecurityCamera from spawnables. Old legacy asset and was crashing dedicated servers.
  • Added Logic device recipes
  • Synced recipes from smaller machines to the fabricator
  • Removed more invalid recipe reagents, replacing them with mainly iron.
  • Added new Kits for logic components. Kit (Logic Processor), Kit (Logic Memory), Kit (Logic I/O).
  • Added second pass of Logic Units. Now includes a Select Unit (takes two inputs and allows comparison operator. Selects input based on comparison and writes as setting), and Compare Unit (takes two inputs and allows comparison operator. Writes 1 or 0 as setting based on operation.
  • Fixed filtration machines bypassing second filter - now both filter slots should work. Previously we were adding the input atmosphere to the waste atmosphere after the first filter - only add after all filters run.
  • Added basic logic circuitry first pass. Includes Logic Reader (pulls selected values off devices, input and output network), Memory Unit (passive item that is used to store floats, can be accessed by two data networks), Math Unit (applies math operators to two selected inputs, and writes result as setting), and Logic Writer (applies setting value to devices). This allows you to apply very complex systems in the game.
  • Fixed Out of range exception on Eye colour when loading into game
  • Added option to invert the mouse wheel when scrolling through an item inventory (on Misc page of settings screen).
  • Fixed issue with clear disconnected players button not working after dedicated server command was added.
  • Fixed issue with main menu Stationeer not being able to breathe through his nose (his mouth is now closed).
  • Fixed NRE on Save/Load screen resulting in missing menu when exiting a game.
  • Adjusted collision of Airlock. Now allows pipes cables to be passed along the top of it, the same with other airlocks.
  • Added battery cells are renamable with a labeller, when it is powered and turned on.
  • Fixed broken LogicMotherboard, SolarControl, AirlockControl on dedicated server.
  • Fixed Motherboards.LogicState sync when deleting on connect.
  • Changed Tablet to be a tool so it can be inside the toolbelt.
  • Fixed Logic Motherboard condition and actions entered as floats had to be entered twice to register properly. This caused logic motherboards based on floats to not work correctly.
  • Updated clearall command
  • Added clearall remote command on dedicated server. It will delete disconnected players.
  • Fixed NRE KeyManager on dedicated server
  • Fixed Speech recognition changes preventing dedicated server from compiling successfully.
  • Enabled steam workshop
  • Small further improvements made to Client Side Physics
  • Fixed joining timeout in high latency
  • Fixed Beacon Recipe.
  • Fixed Changed default autosave time to 5 minutes.
  • Fixed Voice Recognition now disabled by default. Added extra checks to ensure it doesn't initialize if not running Windows 10.
  • Changed uniform, nuclear battery and rifle recipes temporarily to address carbon and uranium issues.
  • Added additional error message states to Portable Scrubber to tell you why it is not working.
  • Fixed further issues Ragdoll ReParenting killing fps
  • Fixed issue with Client side physics calling Unnecessarily
  • Fixed issue with Character Ragdoll Jittering client side
  • Character RagDoll should now correctly collides with its own joints

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1027.5176[edit]


Fixed a few major issues. Specifically the road flares being outside of crates (as well as a few other items) for clients. Clients unable to drag things properly, and much more. Also a quick first pass on some usability improvements, in the form of extended tooltips.

Extended Tooltips for Construction[edit]

New players do really struggle for now so hopefully these help. Context sensitive information during construction. These are toggleable in the settings menu if you want your UI cleaner.

Keymapping for Status Indicators

A common problem was players doing the tutorial and sitting in the seat. And being in the seat forever. We've now added a status indicator for "being in a slot" and also include the current keybind for altering that status state. This also applies to internals, and to your jetpack.

Daylight Sensor reports Sun Angle[edit]

You can use the daylight sensor to get the suns angle. This is accessable to the logic motherboard, on the computer. Use this with logic conditions too more easily control solars.

Hotfix v0.1.1027.5176[edit]

  • Fixed suit sounds were not working. Breathing sounds will now play correctly when atmospherics are working on the suit.
  • Fixed Beacon had an unattainable recipe in tool manufactory.
  • Added variant on Small Transformer. Has the Input and Output locations swapped.
  • Fixed Atmospherics Manager Exception. Sometimes a serious exception occurred when the Atmospheres were changed while being processed on the thread. While this shouldn't happen, it was happening. Now if it happens the manager will gracefully continue.
  • Added Daylight Sensor now also outputs solar angle (when in sunlight). Also reports sun state and solar angle in tooltip when directly viewed. This can be used with a Logic Motherboard (inserted into a computer) to create a logic system to automatically orientate solars towards the sun.
  • Added stacker variant with power and data cable on the other side.
  • Fixed issue with client crashing when leaving the tutorial.

Hotfix v0.1.1025.5162[edit]

  • Fixed steel frames inaccessable on first build (credit to: FlimFlamm on discord who found it)
  • Added Button for server hosts to remove all disconnected players accessed from the bottom of the in-game menu.
  • Removed F1 in-game key reference screen until it can be updated to reflect current key bindings.
  • Fixed Labeller unable to be turned on through interaction menu. Now shows up when cycling through interactions.

Version 0.1.1023.5157[edit]

  • Added functionality to prompt panel to support inescapable prompts, and made the escape key invoke whatever action was bound to the 'cancel' button.
  • Fixed clients unable to drag objects in world as they would move back towards their old positions.
  • Fixed Road Flares, and other objects such as corn, appearing out of slots to clients. Now correctly initialized.
  • Tweaked power draw on Beacons, cut down power consumption to a fifth of what it was.
  • Fixed locker despawning into nothing. Now the correct kit will be spawned when deconstructing it.
  • Fixed active slot (what hand you have selected) not being selected when returning to game from the menu.
  • Fixed glass door dropping airlock kit. Now drops DoorKit.
  • Fixed key indicators for slots did not update to their new mappings. Now when keybindings are changed, the correct slot keys are displayed.
  • Added key indicators to status icons. For example, when internals can be toggled on and off, the current keybinding shows beside the icon. Jetpack and In slot key bindings will show.
  • Fixed broken LogicMotherboard. Was causing a null reference exception and then potentially breaking saves.
  • Fixed broken Atmospherics Manager. Was causing a null reference exception.
  • Added key mappings to status indicators. For examples, beside the jetpack symbol there will be the key for toggling it.
  • Added new status indicator for "in slot". This shows when you are inside something, and provides the key mapping to get out. This should stop people getting stuck in chairs during the tutorial.
  • Fixed build state changes causing out of bounds error. Logic moved so that it no longer occurs. Typically occurred when multiple clients tried to change the build state of something.
  • Fixed Blast Door deconstructing into wrong/no kit. Now correctly deconstructs into a Blast Door kit.
  • Added extended tooltip option. This is enabled by default and provides additional information when a player is constructing something. Such as, if there are multiple construction options available, what the placement type is, what is needed to upgrade to the next level, and what the rotation keys are.
  • Fixed tooltip obscuring players construction. Now top of the tooltip is anchored to the object, the rest of the tooltip extends below that.
  • Added new status icon for being inside a slot. Also displays the current key binding to get out of the slot (default: Q).
  • Updated fabricator with chem station recipe. Now can build the Chemistry Station appliance, which is used to create medicines.
  • Added dedicated server OS icons
  • Fixed pipe bender making old sensor item.
  • Fixed Tool Manufactury recipe not buildable by autolathe. Was missing and meant people were unable to create them in survival.
  • Added settings button to Welcome (first launch) panel.
  • Fixed various out of range exception messages in threaded managers.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1020.5129[edit]


Lots of hard work today. And some new content!

Tool Manufactory[edit]

Makes tools such as suits, wrenchs, weapons, tracker beacons - and much more.


Oh and also the new labeller, which is a powered tool that allows you rename devices, anything draggable, and tools.

Multiplayer Browser updates[edit]

Lots of additions for sorting, filtering, to find your game much easier.

New Starter Crate[edit]

A third starter crate now spawns, and gives you some road flares, the new tracking beacon, and some paint cans so you can, well, paint things.

Version 0.1.1020.5129[edit]

  • Fixed recipes missing from Electronic Reader for Tool Manufactory.
  • Fixed Tracker not refreshing current target status (such as rename, or power off).
  • Fixed Stairs deconstructing into nothing. Now correctly deconstructs into its kit.
  • Fixed effects missing from Electronics Printer, and Hydraulic Pipe Bender.
  • Fixed issue with all simple manufacturing machines that would become broken when their output was connected to a chute and the chute was already full. Now the machine will wait a few seconds in case the chute becomes empty, if it doesnt, the machine will stop.
  • Fixed some positioning of new buttons in Join World menu
  • Added recipes to new tool manufactory
  • Added Tool Manufactory. Used for building tools, similar to the autolathe.
  • Fixed able to turn internals off with I key, even when the helmet is locked (thanks to TheRawDizzle on twitch!). Now cannot do this if locked.
  • Added Labeller. Has a battery in it and is used to rename things. Can rename tools, anything draggable, and devices.
  • Added Tracking Beacon. When powered and turned on, will show up in all tracker cartridges. Use this to mark locations and find your way to it. Can be painted to show different colors.
  • Fixed bug with Tracker cartridge not correctly initializing.
  • Added extra starting crate. Filled with spray cans to paint things, a labeller to name things, a beacon, and roadflares.
  • Added spray paints to the fabricator.
  • Added composite floor grating to autolathe
  • Fixed Electronic Reader displaying pressure values 0.1 of the value they should be. Now correctly displaying pressure readings.
  • Fixed issue with head occasionally attaching itself to hands
  • Fixed potential looping coroutine on ragdoll
  • FertilizedEgg should now only hatch if not inside a slot
  • Added steamclient dlls to dedicated server build
  • Fixed save world commands.
  • Added maxplayer, password commands for dedicated server
  • Moved Chutes to autolathe from PipeBender; and some general time balancing.
  • Fixed Furnace could only be rotated in the Y direction.
  • Modified values in default.ini
  • Fixed issue with parts on character going invisible when dragging them
  • Fixed Ragdoll Re-Parenting issue killing FPS
  • Fixed null reference on manufacturing motherboard when inserted into a computer. Sometimes would not be initialized correctly and would cause an exception.
  • Changed New World options to make it clear where Creative mode is.

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1014.5083[edit]


Here is the consolidated patch notes for the updates from yesterday (release) until today. There will be an additional update later today as well, which will include some new content! Please keep the bug reports coming.

Version 0.1.1014.5083[edit]

  • Fixed Autolathe, PipeBender, and Electronics Printer recipe exception meant that if you save the game in that state, it could not be loaded. Now check on load of the recipe is valid.
  • Fixed bug where players would receive out of range exception when deconstructing a structure with no Entry tool set but quantity set
  • Added active vent to pipe bender recipes.
  • Improved loadworld command for dedicated server. If file doesn't exist, it will save it when autosave is enabled.
  • Fixed thermodynamics scale value for things not affecting the solar constant heating values. This meant that when we reduced the thermodynamics scale for welders, it actually made them MORE explosive. Now we can scale the solar heating effect for different items. The welder will now prevent solar heating.
  • Fixed out of range exception when deconstructing StructureFiltration
  • Fixed bug with movement behavior when cursor was on screen
  • Fixed small transformer and Door not deconstructing into the correct kits.
  • Increased default burn times for all structures and items.
  • Removed remaining axis controls
  • Increased gold spawn rate, and vein size.
  • Fixed potential NRE when Human enters Dead State
  • Fixed issue with being unable to transition out of Dead state
  • Fixed Issue with being unable to pickup and drop Unconscious players on Dedicated Server
  • Added default linux dedicated server commands
  • Fixed own suit getting frustum culled - enabled UpdateWhenOffscreen on Spacesuit Mesh Renderer
  • Added Stacker to autolathe
  • Removed controller support completely as it was incomplete and was causing some people to spin
  • Offline players will now drop Draggable items, including players
  • Fixed many devices that were deconstruction into nothing. Air Conditioner, Arc Furnace deconstruct to Furnance, Battery, Computer, Filtration.
  • Fixed initializing problem on dedicated server
  • fixed nulls causing connection issues
  • Fixed Incorrect drop position when dropping Unconscious Players
  • Fixed default button position in settings menu
  • Fixed various kits. Autolathe, Electronics Printer, Sleeper, Solid Fuel Generator, and Storage Lockers - not spawning their kits correctly when deconstructed.
  • Fixed water visualizer always running causing severe performance issues for some.
  • Fixed Autolathe & SolidFuelGenerator not respawning after deconstruction
  • Fixed Tutorial servers will now be hidden even if advertise server is enabled.
  • Added Invert Mouse checkbox on Misc options screen.
  • Added Stairs to autolathe.
  • Fixed Kit (Locker) was spawning obsolete Locker. Now correctly spawns. You will need to deconstruct any old lockers and replace them.
  • Disabled Mars map on dedicated server. It will be switched to Moon at this moment.