Ingot (Inconel)

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Ingot (Inconel)
Stacks 500g
Created With Advanced Furnace
Cost 2:1:1 ratio of
Gold, Nickel, Steel
Max Pressure 23.5 MPa to 24 MPa
Max Temperature 600 K to 100000 K
Hash ID -787796599


Ingot (Inconel) is an super alloy. It is used in crafting various tools and Rocket parts.

NOTE: Pressure and Temp requirements were changed in the December 2020 Blown Away update.


It is created by smelting a ratio of 2:1:1 using Gold, Nickel and Steel in the Advanced Furnace.

NOTE: January StationEARS update reduced the yields from smelting super alloys. 2 Gold, 1 Nickel, and 1 Steel will now return only 1 Ingot (Inconel).

Items used in[edit]

 5g Battery Cell Nuclear
25g Rocket Launch Pad
15g Rocket Command Pod
 5g Sensor Lenses


Using an Advanced Furnace on Mars it is possible to smelt Inconel by using a gas mix of

  • 50% CO2
  • 33% H2 ( = 66% /2 )
  • 17% O2 ( = 34% /2)
  • at 291K (18°C)

Pressurize the furnace to over 2100 kPa. After igniting this will give you a pressure of 26800 kPa and temperature of 1900K. As the reagents melt, the temperature will decrease and with it the pressure. Unless the furnace is in a vacuum, it will conduct heat to the surrounding atmosphere and eventually drop to the 24MPa level and you can dispense the ingot. If the furnace is in a vacuum, you can activate the output pump of the furnace (start at 1L) to bring the pressure down.

This recipe was tested in creative to create a 25g ingot of inconel from 50g of gold ore, 25g of nickel ore, and 50g of steel ingot. Larger batches will probably require a higher starting pressure to provide enough energy to melt the increased mass.

These values were calculated using Furnace temperature and pressure math.

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