Ground Penetrating Radar

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Ground Penetrating Radar
Stacks No
Created With Electronics Printer
Cost 2g Copper, 10g Gold, 5g Steel


The Ground Penetrating Radar is a radar device to scan areas for ores. It is used along with the Ore Scanner Cartridge loaded into a tablet to see the ores under the surface.


It is easier to use the Ground Penetrating Radar from your inventory instead of having it out in the world. Make sure you put a battery in it first.

Take the Radar in one hand and either click it with the mouse or press the R key. Next turn it on as you would the tablet or any other item. Then hit the actitavate button, again either by using the mouse or using the scroll wheel and pressing F. That will send out a pulse.

After this you must take out a tablet with the Ore Scanner cartridge. You should be able to look around and see blue dots. These represents minable ressources. Additionally you can see a red dot which represents the position the Radar was in when you had it pulse. If you can't see anything use the scroll wheel in order to switch between different Radars, probably the wrong one was selected.

The Ore Scanner (Color) cartridge will feature different colored dots instead of blue ones. The color coding is as follows:

Iron, Nickel, HydrogenGeysers = red

Ice, Lead = cyan

Gold, Silver = green

Coal, Silicon = magenta

Copper, Oxite = yellow

Volatiles, Uranium = white