Battery Wireless Cell

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Battery Wireless Cell
Stacks No
Created With Electronics Printer
Cost 2g Iron, 2g Gold, 10g Copper
Battery Wireless Cell (Big)
Stacks No
Created With Electronics Printer
Cost 5g Gold, 15g Copper, 5g Steel


The battery cells are used in many items and tools. They appear to be interchangeable, though the small cells will deplete rapidly in certain items, such as a suit or portable AC. The wireless cells receive power wirelessly from the Power Transmitter Omni located nearby.

Battery Wireless Cell[edit]

  • You can make small cells without steel.
  • They have a power capacity of 12,000J (3,33 Wh) (approx. observed).

Battery Wireless Cell (Big)[edit]

  • Big cells require steel.
  • They have a capacity of 72,000J (20 Wh) (approx. observed).

Energy calculations[edit]

  • 1 Wh in game = 0.5 Wh in real time
  • The game circuit tick lasts 500 milliseconds, so the real energy stored in the battery is half the energy mentioned above.

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