Pressure Regulator

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Pressure Regulator
Power Usage 100W
Prefab Hash 209854039
Prefab Name StructurePressureRegulator
Placed with Kit (Pressure Regulator)
Placed on Small Grid
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Hand Drill
Item received Kit (Pressure Regulator)


Controlling the flow of gas between two pipe networks, pressure regulators shift gas until a set pressure on the outlet side is achieved, or the gas supply is exhausted. The back pressure regulator, by contrast, will only operate when pressure on the intake side exceeds the set value. With a max pressure of over 20,000kPa, it requires power to operate.
- Stationpedia

The standard Pressure Regulator will pass through gases, in one direction, while the pressure on its output side is below the set value. It combines several functions:

  • Passive check valve: Gas is never allowed to pass "the wrong way", from output to input, even if the Regulator is switched off or unpowered. (It does not allow gas to pass at all when switched off or unpowered)
  • Switched valve: Gas will not pass at all if the Regulator is switched off or unpowered. This is a similar function to the Pipe Digital Valve.
  • Regulator: Gas will only pass when the pressure at the output is below the Regulator's setting.
  • Compressor: While active, the Regulator will move all available gas from input to output, up to the set pressure. (Contrast with, for example, a Pipe Valve which simply equalizes pressure and then stops.)

The maximum pressure that can be set is 60795 kPa.

To calculate the moles per tick, use the following equation: n = (P * V) / (R * T)


  • P = Min(Input pressure, 101.325)
  • V = (OutputPipeVolume / InputPipeVolume) * 100
  • n = Moles per tick
  • R = Gas constant (8.3144)
  • T = Input temperature

Data Network Properties

These are all Data Network properties of this device.

Data Parameters

These are all parameters that can be written with a Logic Writer, Batch Writer, or Integrated Circuit (IC10), and can be read with a Logic Reader, Batch Reader, or Integrated Circuit (IC10).

Parameter Name Data Type Access Value Description
Power Boolean
0 Unpowered Can be read to return if the Pressure Regulator is correctly powered or not, set via the power system, return 1 if powered and 0 if not
1 Powered
Error Boolean

1 if device is in error state, otherwise 0
1 Error
Lock Boolean
Read Write
0 Unlocked Disable manual operation of the Pressure Regulator.
1 Locked
Setting Integer
Read Write
0.0 to 60795.0 A variable setting that can be read or written.
Maximum Float
Maximum setting of the Pressure Regulator
Ratio Float
0.0 to 1.0 Context specific value depending on device, 0 to 1 based ratio
On Boolean
Read Write
0 Off The current state of the Pressure Regulator.
1 On
RequiredPower Integer
Idle operating power quantity, does not necessarily include extra demand power
PrefabHash Integer
The hash of the structure
ReferenceId Integer
Unique Reference Identifier for this object
NameHash Integer
Provides the hash value for the name of the object as a 32 bit integer.