Construction stage

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This template is meant to be used as a child template in the Template:Structurebox.

One instance can be used to represent a build stage of a Structure.


The following, optional parameters can be supplied:

Parameter Name Description
number The stage number, that will be used in the title of the box.
image An image of the build stage.
const_with_tool The tool, that the next stage is constructed with.
const_with_item The item, that the next stage is constructed with.
decon_with_tool The tool, that the stage is deconstructed with.
item_rec The item, that the player receives, on stage deconstruction.


This is the blank template code, that can be copy-pasted into a page to use it there.

{{Construction stage
| number          = 
| image           = 
| const_with_tool = 
| const_with_item = 
| decon_with_tool = 
| item_rec        =