Stationeers (Faction)

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In the early 22nd century, Earth was emerging from a cataclysm. Its resources eroded, our population reduced, rebuilding was the spirit of the era.

Initiated by the Offworld Development Agency (ODA) in 2095CE, the Stationeers Program was dedicated to a single ideal: keeping humanity pointed at the stars.

Stationeers are everything: astronauts, engineers and explorers, deployed with limited equipment and tools, trained to do more with less. Turning the environment to their advantage, their job is to provide infrastructure for humans in space, at a fraction of the cost of traditional space programs.

Able to build and maintain bases anywhere from the Moon to Mimas and beyond, Stationeers are our vanguard in the cosmos. Schooled in offworld survival, mining and construction techniques, basic metallurgy, electronics, rocketry, hydroponics and more ‘arcane’ sciences, Stationeers do what they must to survive, and thrive.

Renowned for having no entry criteria, there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Stationeer. Psychological profiling suggests successful Cadets show a ‘baseline’ pragmatism and single-mindedness, but some of the most famous Stationeers possess neither of these qualities.

Recruiting from civil engineering backgrounds, military and aerospace industries, software development, mining groups, as well as scientific fields and even religious orders, the Stationeers Program is – fundamentally – open to all humanity.