Upright Wind Turbine

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Kit (Wind Turbine)
Upright Wind Turbine
Constructing Options Wind Turbine
Stacks Yes (5)
Created With Electronics Printer
Cost 10g Iron, 5g Gold, 10g Copper


Ideal for Europa even though there is a relatively thin atmosphere, as solar is so weak on the planet.

Stationpedia Description[edit]

Norsec's basic wind turbine is an easily fabricated, rapidly deployed design that is strong enough to withstand the worst that environments can throw at it. While the wind turbine is optimized to produce power even on low atmosphere worlds (up to 200W), it performs best in denser environments. Output varies with wind speed, and during storms, may increase dramatically (up to 800W), so be careful to design your power networks with that in mind.

Data Network Properties[edit]

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Data Outputs[edit]

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Output Name Data Type Description
PrefabHash Integer Returns ItemHash of device