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Winterspawn can be grown in hydroponics.

  • Provide water into piping (5 to 60c) and an atmosphere of ~7.7KPa. Mature plants will produce cold O2 and H2.
  • Like all plants, Winterspawn consumes 0.4 mol of H2O per hour, but it consumes N2 instead of CO2 and uses electrolysis to produce 0.4 mol/hour of O2 and 0.8 mol/hour of H2
  • The Alpha variant cools at 90W (90 J/tick) and is most efficient in temperatures between 0 and 40C
  • The Beta variant cools at 150W, but has a narrower efficiency band, working most efficiently in temperatures between 14 and 24C
  • Winterspawn consumes N2 and H2O while growing, but doesn't produce H2, O2, or have the cooling effect until it's mature
  • You can halt the cooling effect of a mature plant without damaging the plant by removing all N2 from the atmosphere, but you must maintain the minimum atmospheric pressure or the plant will take damage
  • Removing light from a mature plant does not appear to damage the plant, neither does it appear to halt the cooling and O2/H2 production effect
Info Data
Temperature Range -26c to 65c (247-338k)
Sweetspot (Alpha) 0c to 40c
Sweetspot (Beta) 14c to 24c

Hades Flower
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Hades Flower[edit]

Hades Flower can be grown in hydroponics
Provide water into piping (5 to 60c) and an atmosphere of ~7.7KPa. The plants will produce hot gasses which you will need to remove.

Info Data
Temperature Range 0c to 65c (273-338k)
Sweetspot 4c to 20c (277-293k)