Night Vision Goggles

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Night Vision Goggles
Stacks No
Created With Tool Manufactory
Cost 10g Gold, 5g Constantan, 5g Solder, 10g Silicon


A compact set of Night Vision Goggles that can be worn inside (or under) a helmet, without obstructing normal vision. They work in very low light conditions, and present the world in a green hue. Unlike many NV units, they can be used in conjuction with any helmet-mounted light.

Includes a Battery slot to power the NV unit.


Thee goggle functions can be accessed by pressing the Number '2' key. This will bring up a panel showing the goggle's settings, as follows:

  • On / Off - Toggle the googles on and off (no keyboard shortcut is available at present)

The colour of the strap on an (unworn) set of Night Vision Goggles can be changed using Spray Paint.


Contains 1 slot:


  • The goggles can clearly be seen on the Character Portrait, hiding their eyes, but do not interefere with normal vision