Night Vision Goggles

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Night Vision Goggles
Created With Tool Manufactory
Cost 10g Hastelloy, 5g Silicon, 5g Steel


A compact set of Night Vision Goggles that can be worn inside (or under) a helmet, without obstructing normal vision. They work in very low light conditions, and present the world in a green hue. Unlike many NV units, they can be used in conjunction with any helmet-mounted light.

Includes a Battery slot to power the NV unit.


Thee goggle functions can be accessed by pressing the Number '2' key. This will bring up a panel showing the goggle's settings, as follows:

  • On / Off - Toggle the googles on and off (The Keyboard shortcut is N by default)

The colour of the strap on an (unworn) set of Night Vision Goggles can be changed using Spray Paint.


Contains 1 slot:


  • The goggles can clearly be seen on the Character Portrait, hiding their eyes, but do not interfere with normal vision
  • The HEM Droid has Nightvision by default as such does not need Night Vision Goggles to use it.