Kit (Wind Turbine)

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Kit (Wind Turbine)
Constructing Options Wind Turbine
Stacks Yes (5)
Created With Electronics Printer Mk. II
Cost 20g Steel, 5g Electrum, 10g Copper


Kit that produces the Wind Turbine, a tall wind power generating structure. Created with an Electronics Printer (Tier Two) Using the following resources: 10 x Copper, 20 x Steel, 5 x Electrum

After construction it will need to be completed with the following tools/resources: Welding Torch and 5 x Steel Sheets, Wire Cutters and 5 Cable Coil, Screwdriver

Once completed in game Stationpedia info currently says it is optimized to produce power up to 500W and the output varies depending on wind speed. Storms could dramatically increase this up to 10,000W so safeguard your power networks!

Stationpedia Description[edit]

The Stationeers wind turbine was first designed by Norsec atmospheric engineers, looking to create a wind-driven power generation system that would operate even on exceedingly low atmosphere worlds. The ultra-light blades respond to exceedingly low atmospheric densities, while being strong enough to function even under huge strain in much more demanding environments. While the wind turbine is optimized to produce power (up to 500W) even on low atmosphere worlds, it performs best in denser environments. Output varies with wind speed and, during storms, may increase dramatically (up to 10,000W), so be careful to design your power networks with that in mind.

Data Network Properties[edit]

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