Pipe Analyzer

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Pipe Analyser
Stacks Yes (5)
Created With Hydraulic Pipe Bender
Cost 20g Iron, 2g Gold, 2g Copper, 2g Electrum


Just like the Pipe Meter it can be used to display the pressure inside the pipes, but also displaying the contents and temperature. It requires 50W of power and can be hooked up to consoles or computers.

Data Network Properties[edit]

These are all Data Network properties of this device.

Data Parameters[edit]

These are all parameters that can be written with a Logic Writer, Batch Writer, or Integrated Circuit (IC10).

Parameter Name Data Type Description
Lock Boolean
On Boolean

Data Outputs[edit]

These are all parameters, that can be read with a Logic Reader or a Slot Reader. The outputs are listed in the order a Logic Reader's "VAR" setting cycles through them.

Output Name Data Type Description
Power Boolean
Error Boolean
Pressure Float In kPa
Temperature Float In Kelvin
Lock Boolean
RatioOxygen Float The ratio of oxygen in the pipe. A value between 0 (no oxygen at all, or 0%) and 1 ( pure oxygen atmosphere, or 100%)
RatioCarbonDioxide Float ratio in mass percent / 100
RatioNitrogen Float ratio in mass percent / 100
RatioNitrousOxide Float ratio in mass percent / 100
RatioPollutant Float ratio in mass percent / 100
RatioVolatiles Float ratio in mass percent / 100
RatioWater Float
On Boolean
Requiredpower Integer In Watts. The Pipe Analyzer require 5W of power to function
TotalMoles Float
Volume float
PrefabHash float
Combustion bool
RatioLiquidNitrogen float
VolumeOfLiquid float
RatioLiquidOxygen float
RatioLiquidVolatiles float
RatioSteam float
RatioLiquidCarbonDioxide float
RatioLiquidPollutant float
RatioLiquidNitrousOxide float
ReferenceId float Globally Unique Device Identifier