Kit (Grow Light)

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Kit (GrowLight)
Created With Electronics Printer
Cost 5g Copper, 5g Steel, 10g Electrum

Grow Light
Power Usage 70W
Placed with Kit (Grow Light)
Placed on Small Grid
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Hand Drill
Item received Kit (Grow Light)


Provides artificial sunlight to grow crops.

Crops need Water and sunlight to grow. Without water the plant will wither and die. Without sunlight/UV light it will stop growing, but won't wither.

Guide (Farming) provides additional info on how to setup farming with hydroponic tray.

Illumination pattern[edit]

Lighting area is not a focused cone but roughly a half sphere reaches slightly further than one large grid. It is asymmetric however as shown in this top-down drawing. GrowLight topDown.jpg

Wall Mounting vs Ceiling Mounting[edit]

Illumination Radius is at its maximum 2-4 small grids away which coincides with one large grid size, so ceiling mounting has the best coverage of 41, against 37 of wall mounting. However this creates difficulty for Harvie as that can only be mounted on ceiling. Harvie also requires additional space for chutes on either side, so farming plots need to be two rows apart, negating the density benefit of ceiling mounting.

So when Harvie is expected, wall mounting is more flexible then ceiling mounting.

Data Network Properties[edit]

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Data Parameters[edit]

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Parameter Name Data Type Description
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Data Outputs[edit]

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Output Name Data Type Description
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Power Boolean
PrefabHash Integer
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