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Kit (Beacon)
Constructing Options Beacon
Stacks No
Electronics Printer 4g Gold, 2g Copper, 5g Steel, 2g Solder
Prefab Hash 249073136
Prefab Name ItemKitBeacon
Logic Classes

This image shows a placed Kit (Beacon) with a power cable connected to the right side of it.
Power Usage 300W
Prefab Hash -188177083
Prefab Name StructureBeacon
Placed with Kit (Beacon)
Placed on Small Grid
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Hand Drill
Item received Kit (Beacon)


Not to be confused with the battery beacon that you start with, this is a permanent beacon. It connects directly into your power grid. Using the Labeller, it is possible to rename the beacon. The new name will show up on your Tablet using the Tracker Cartridge.

Beacons need power to operate (300 W)

Data Network Properties[edit]

These are all Data Network properties of this device.

Data Parameters[edit]

These are all parameters that can be written with a Logic Writer, Batch Writer, or Integrated Circuit (IC10).

Parameter Name Data Type Description
Lock Boolean Locks the Beacon when set to 1. Unlocks it, when set to 0.
On Boolean Turns the Beacon on when set to 1. Turns it off, when set to 0.
Color Integer Sets the color of the Beacon. (See Data Network Colors.)

Data Outputs[edit]

These are all parameters, that can be read with a Logic Reader or a Slot Reader. The outputs are listed in the order a Logic Reader's "VAR" setting cycles through them.

Output Name Data Type Description
Power Boolean Returns whether the Beacon is turned on and receives power. (0 for no, 1 for yes)
Error Boolean Returns whether the Beacon is flashing an error. (0 for no, 1 for yes)
Lock Boolean Returns whether the Beacon is locked. (0 for no, 1 for yes)
On Boolean Returns whether the Beacon is turned on. (0 for no, 1 for yes)
RequiredPower Integer Returns the current amount of power, required by the Beacon, in watts.
Color Integer Returns the color the Beacon is set to. (See Data Network Colors.)