Hydroponics Station

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Kit (Hydroponic Station)
Created With Electronics Printer
Cost 5g Gold, 20g Copper, 10g Steel, 5g Nickel

Hydroponics Station
Power Usage 100 W (Grow Lights On)
Placed with Kit (Hydroponic Station)
Placed on Small Grid
Stage 1
Deconstructed with Hand Drill
Item received Kit (Hydroponic Station)


This item is used to grow crops, similar to the Hydroponic Tray, with the following differences

  • It is slightly more expensive, but it comes with 4 grow slots, and takes up a 3x3 area.
  • It includes a grow light which can grow all 4 crops without sunlight, but requires 100W of power when turned on.
  • It can grow from seed plant to harvest: 2x wheat in about 6 minutes, 2x corn in about 11 minutes, 3x potato in about 8.5 minutes, 2x soybean in about 9 minutes, 2x fern in about 9 minutes
  • It has a data output port (more details needed)
  • It has the same yield as the other trays, augmented with UV light makes it very useful on Europa

Guide (Farming) provides additional info on how to setup farming with hydroponic station.

Data Network Properties[edit]

These are all Data Network properties of this device.

Data Parameters[edit]

These are all parameters that can be written with a Logic Writer, Batch Writer, or Integrated Circuit (IC10).

Parameter Name Data Type Description
Setting Integer
On Boolean Return whether the UV light of the station is on. (1 for on, 0 for off)

Data Outputs[edit]

These are all parameters, that can be read with a Logic Reader or a Slot Reader. The outputs are listed in the order a Logic Reader's "VAR" setting cycles through them.

Output Name Data Type Description
Power Boolean Return whether the UV light of the station is on. (1 for on, 0 for off)
Pressure * Float Pressure of the fluid alimenting the station.
Temperature * Float In Kelvin. Temperature of the fluid alimenting the station.
Setting Integer
RatioOxygen* Float Ratio of oxygen in the fluid alimenting the station.
RatioCarbonDioxide * Float
RatioNitrogen * Float
RatioPollutant * Float
RatioVolatiles * Float
RatioWater * Float
Maximum Integer Value of 100.
Ratio Float Seems to be the ratio between the Setting and the Maxium. So 0.5
On Boolean Return whether the UV light of the station is on. (1 for on, 0 for off)
RequiredPower Integer In watts. 0 if the lamp is off, 100 if it's on.
 * The Pressure, Temperature and ratios parameters are measured from the fluid alimenting the station, not from the surrounding atmosphere.