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Stacks No
Created With Electronics Printer
Cost 2g Iron, 2g Copper


A basic headlamp, which can be worn in place of a helmet.

Includes a Battery slot, and generates light of similar power to that found on the Space Helmet).


Your helmet / headlamp functions can be accessed by pressing the Number '1' key. This will bring up a panel showing the headlamps's settings, as follows:

  • Light On / Off - Toggle the helmet's forward facing light on and off (Keyboard shortcut - L)

The colour of an (unworn) headlamp can be changed using Spray Paint. However, this chnages the colour of the lenses (without any effect on the light genertaed), rather than changing the colourtr of the headband as in the case of Night Vision Goggles.


Contains 4 slots:


  • Caution: Not suitable for non-pressurised / toxic environments!
  • It is part of the starting equipment for players on Loulan, but is much less useful on worlds that do not have a "shirtsleeve" atmosphere (althoguh maty still be useful 'indoors').
  • Note that the headlamp cannot be prdouced at the Tool Manufactory or Fabricator