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An airlock is a chamber that can evacuate, modify, or fill its internal volume with differing atmospheres and has two or more airtight portals which all do not open simultaneously. Thus, an airlock allows passage between two or more environments without the exchange of gases or pressures between the connected atmospheres.


Airlock applications include:

Guide Variants Defining Component Characteristics
Atmosphere to Atmosphere 1 x Circuitboard (Advanced Airlock) Traverse between two environment with differing atmospheres
Atmosphere to Vacuum 1 x Circuitboard (Airlock) Traverse between a (near) vacuum environment and a pressurized environment
Docking Ports 1 x Kit (Mothership) Traverse between a stationary base and a Mothership, or between Motherships

Whichever route you take, it is good practice to put an Area Power Controller inside the airlock to allow a user to power it using batteries should a stations power grid fail.

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