Authoring Tool

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Authoring Tool

The Authoring tool is used to place, upgrade and delete structures instantly without the need for any resources. The authoring tool can not be crafted, but it can be spawned in Creative Mode.


  • In creative mode, press / to bring up the creative spawn menu. (on ISO keyboards, the key may be '(Nordic/German) or #(UK))
  • The key bind is called "Show Dynamic Panel" in the controls settings.
  • Find and select the Authoring Tool in the menu
  • Press F9 to spawn the selected item.

Building structures[edit]

  • Select an item in the spawn menu
  • Right--click to enter quick build mode for the selected item.
  • Left-click to build

Upgrading structures[edit]

Left-click to upgrade structure

Deleting structures[edit]

Hold C and click the structure you would like to delete.

copying strucrues[edit]

hold F and click on the stucture to copy it