Advanced Tablet

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Advanced Tablet
Stacks No
Electronics Printer (Tier Two) 3g Iron, 12g Gold, 5.5g Copper, 2g Steel, 1g Electrum, 5g Solder
Prefab Hash 1722785341
Prefab Name ItemAdvancedTablet
Logic Classes


The advanced Xigo Padi 2 tablet is an improved version of the basic Handheld Tablet, boasting two cartridge slots. The Padi 2 accepts Atmos Analyzer, Tracker, Medical Analyzer, Ore Scanner, eReader, and various other cartridges.

With a Integrated Circuit (IC10) in the Programmable Chip slot, you can access variable slots on the carrying human using the device numbers (d0, d1, etc...), so long as the item can be accessed via logic, such as the Hardsuit.

The tablet can be referred to by a Logic Transmitter which then locally represents (mirrors) the tablet in the network. This allows playing of sounds on the tablet or to read out the tablet's values: The off/on state can be read as well as the current mode (representing which Cartridge is selected). Therefore, the tablet can now be used as a remote control. Note: The mode can not be written.