Sinotai (Faction)

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The sole 'traditional' state entity to survive offworld politics, Sinotai’s reach and power is second only to the ODA itself. In many ways a relic – a sub-agency of a staggeringly complicated Earth-bound corporate-bureaucracy – its structure has allowed Sinotai to achieve incredible things.

Proving its mettle in the early 21st Century by putting the first humans on Mars, establishing the first offworld gigawatt power system, and the first space-borne fuel refinery, few space-going organisations lack some degree of relationship with Sinotai. A common joke has it that it's impossible to do anything in space without them.

Regardless of the truth, Sinotai's approach to off-world development has involved a 'soft power' approach, from MOU's with Recurso (giving them preferential access to the Manaus space elevator) to murkier alliances of convenience with a range of Trader groups.