ExMin (Faction)

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In the aftermath of the Sisyphus disaster on Mars in 2079, asteroid shifting was officially banned by the ODA. This sea-change forced the newborn space mining industry to reconsider its strategies, but until the opening of the Manaus Space Elevator, marginal economics meant offworld resource extraction was effectively impossible.

Formed in 2095 by a long-standing Swiss-German mining conglomerate and a consortium of other interests, ExMin was more an idea than a commercial reality for several decades. Created with the certainty that a space elevator would eventually arrive, ExMin was one of the first to exploit the access it offered. Subsequently it has become one of the Solar System's most powerful commercial entities.

With access to space secure, ExMin became a central player in the flow of resources to the Inner System. It has competition, principally from Brazilian mining giant Recurso, but the company has never entirely lost its lead on off-world mining. Synonymous with rare earth metals and pioneering off-world resource extraction, it stands at the forefront of development throughout the Solar System.