Basic Canister Mixing Setup

From Unofficial Stationeers Wiki

Parts required

  • In line pipe canister connector
  • 2 Gas connector platform
  • Pipes
  • Gas mixing valve
  • Wires to connect gas mixer to power


  1. Place the 2 Gas connector platforms
  2. Connect the 2 gas connector platforms to the inputs of the gas mixer
  3. Connect the gas mixer output to the canister connector
  4. Connect the gas mixer power input to power.


  1. Put a large bottle or scrubber filled with O2 on one platform.
  2. Put a large bottle or scrubber filled with H2/volatile on the other platform.
  3. Use a wrench to connect both to their platforms.
  4. Set gas mixer to desired combination (33% O2 67% H2)
  5. Turn on gas mixer
  6. Place empty canister in inline connector.