Asura Biomedia (Faction)

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Asura Biomedia


Asura Biomedia was founded in the early 22nd century by Mumbai-based trillionaire Ashan Gurwaja. Nominally focused on 'biotechnology', the company has always had an ‘elastic’ notion of exactly what that entailed: everything from pharmaceuticals to pet food.

Gurwaja's background in bio-engineering firms put the company in the highest echelon of bio-science industries from the very beginning, and it grew exactly as its founder intended: rapidly and reliably, structured specifically to swallow up any smaller firms in its way.

Near mid-century, Asura's ambitions evolved to embrace entire health systems – it is now the largest provider of healthcare on Earth, integrating hospitals and primary care with medical supplies, pharmaceutical production and retail, residential care and funeral services.

By 2150, Asura's business was a simple proposition, as captured in their famous – if not infamous – advertising slogan: 'We're in you'.