Arc Furnace Automation

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This is a logic system that will automatically keep the furnace active as long as it has something to smelt.

Items Used[edit]


So we just want the Arc Furnace to activate whenever content is put in. You might think you can just bind its "has input" (ImportQuantity) property to its Activate property, but sadly if you're piping content with a chute this will not work. The exact reason results from some internal game mechanisms but the gist is that the value needs to be updated after the furnace has turned off (and ImportQuantity updates slightly before that), so that's why we're adding Activate to the value.

Arc Furnace Automation Logic Circuit

Slot Reader (Kit (Logic I/O))

  • In: Arc Furnace
  • Slot: Import
  • Var: Quantity

Logic Reader (Kit (Logic I/O))

  • In: Arc Furnace
  • Var: Activate

Math Unit (Kit (Logic Processor))

  • 1: Slot Reader
  • 2: Logic Reader
  • Out: Add

Logic Write (Kit (Logic I/O))

  • In: Math Unit
  • Out: Arc Furnace
  • Out Var: Activate