Semi-Automatic Autolathe

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This logic kit will allow your autolathe to build a stack of whichever item you select, up to the quantity specified by your stacker. It will then turn off your autolathe and turn it back on. You can use this and replace the autolathe with any other fabricator such as an electric printer or a hydraulic pipe bender.

You will need:

  • Autolathe
  • Stacker
  • 4 Logic I/O chips (2 Logic Writer, 2 Logic Reader)
  • 2 Logic Processor Chips (Compare)
  • Cable coils to connect all parts

Clicking on the image in this article will show you an example of this setup ingame with all screws annotated.

Description of Logic Circuits to Automate Autolathe
Automated Electric Printer

Logic Reader A: In : Stacker Var: Setting

Logic Reader B: In : Autolathe Var: ExportCount

Compare Unit C: In1: A In2: B Out: Greater

Compare Unit D: In1: A In2: B Out: Equals

Logic Writer: In : C Out: Autolathe Var: On

Logic Writer: In : D Out: Autolathe Var: ClearMemory

This circuit works by keeping the autolathe on while it's current ExportCount is less than the setting on the Stacker that you have attached. Once the ExportCount reaches the stacker setting, the autolathe's memory is reset(setting ExportCount to 0) and the Autolathe is powered off for one tick and then powered back on.