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==== Air ====
==== Air ====
A stable source of air is one of our last concerns and is solved similarly to our water setup. Oxygen is found ambiently in the atmosphere of Mars, or can be created from [[Ice (Oxite)|oxite ice]] in an ice crusher. The setup mirrors our setup for the welding fuel. If on the Moon, use an ice crusher with a pipe connected to the top output of the ice crusher, and place oxite into the crusher to produce oxygen in your pipe network. If on Mars, then place a [[Kit (Atmospherics) Filtration|filtration kit]] down outside, with a passive vent on both the input and unfiltered output ports. Place two, small oxygen filters into the filtration unit, and connect a pipe to the filtered output port. When powered on, the filtration unit will suck in atmosphere through the passive vent, pass oxygen into the filtered output pipe, and release all other gases into the atmosphere.
Now that we are producing oxygen, connect your oxygen producer to a tank to store excess oxygen. Your lander came with a white, portable tank of oxygen that we can use for this purpose. If you have not already done so, disconnect it from the lander using a wrench, and drag it over to your production setup. Create a [[Tank Connector|tank connector]] using the hydraulic pipe bender, place the connector near your production, drag the portable tank on top of the connector, and use your wrench to connect the two. Connect your production machines to your tank with pipes to store excess oxygen. Finally, create a [[Pressure Regulator|pressure regulator]], a [[Gas Tank Storage|canister storage]], and also a new [[Canister|gas canister]] so that you don't run out of air while waiting for your canister to fill. Hook up the pressure regulator to your pipe network, and use the wheel to set around 5000kPa of output pressure. Connect the other side of the pressure regulator to the canister storage, and place your new canister inside.
When you need to replace your suit's oxygen tank, you can use the ice crusher or filtration unit to produce more oxygen, turn on the pressure regulator until your spare tank is around 5000kPa of oxygen, and then quickly switch your suit's canister with the spare. To take care of your waste canister, a simple way is to simply vent it into the atmosphere. When you get a warning that your waste tank is too full, simply click on your waste tank in your suit, and hit '''Open''' to vent it into your surroundings. Alternatively, you can swap your waste canister with your propellant container in your jetpack. Despite its name, the jetpack does not actually burn fuel: it uses pressurized gases to propel you around the world. As you use more propellant in your jetpack, you are replenishing it in your waste tank.
==== Food ====
==== Food ====

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