Power Tips and Tricks

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Early game tips and tricks[edit]

Limiting power with your APC (or Transformer)[edit]

Early game you tend to run into the issue where your Solid Fuel Generator is delivering 20kw but your regular Cable will only support 5kw.
And maybe you build such a big solar farm that upgrading every single piece to heavy cable seems like a massive project.

Simple Feedback prevention
Feedback Prevention.jpg By placing the APC or Transformer between the heavy cable and regular cable you split the cable networks and it doesn't allow for backflow it's like a one way valve.
Some quirks you will notice will be that the on light only lights when power is actually demanded.
This setup will allow you to keep your regular cable to 5kw and your heavy cable for up to 100kw.
It will allow you to run your Solid Fuel generator full blast as a backup plan and still keep your solar panels on regular cable.

You can also use this to separate your solar banks into sections of 5000w output and then feed onto a big busbar lowering the amount the heavy cable you might need.
Handy for low sun planets like Europa

My Solar Logic never gets power but I'm generating enough[edit]

There are some weird quirks with powerflow where there is a list of priorities the structural battery sits somewhere on the top of the list.
And unless it's completely full the APC you use for feeding the logic of the solar panels might not get anything.
But there is a trick, Transformers are actually higher on the priority list.
So using the same setup as a base: Solar Logic Power Priority.jpg For this example I used solar panel dual (power\data on one port)
Do not use this setup for any other systems as any setting set on the transformer will be ignored if there is a battery in the APC.
Batteries can discharge their whole charge in one 0.5 seconds no matter which type

Normal Proper order is main bus > APC (for minor backup power) > Transformer (as limiter)