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Motherboards are used in Computers. Their functionality changes depending on the inserted motherboard.

Logic and Manufacturing motherboards cost 5g Gold and 5g Copper, and some of them use also Silver and Electrum.

Warning - Motherboard (Logic) is being phased out. It is horribly glitchy. Discretion is advised


Name Description
Motherboard (Communications) For trading with suppliers, additionally with connected Landing Pad, Satellite Dish, Vending Machine.
Motherboard (IC Editor) Can be used to edit the script on in Integrated Circuit (IC10).
Motherboard (Logic) Can be used to set variables and actions based on inputs (ex: if solar angle < 1, set solar panel vertical to 0)

You have to set this for individual items, so mass configuration is very time-consuming.
Rocket Control Motherboard For Rocket Control UI.
Motherboard (Sorter) Allows to set the whitelist for the sorters to let through