Solar Logic Cable Golf

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Can send both horizontal and vertical numbers to all panels without batch writers or anything else using the sb command (set batch I call it.) Use only an IC chip and one daylight sensor (and cables.) -539224550 is the current type hash for the "Solar Panel (dual)" object. Sends the values to all objects on that network, so doesn't need a device knob on the IC. The wiki has a list of other hash numbers as necessary for the other solar panel types.

sb [type hash] Var r? sb -539224550 Horizontal r1 sb -539224550 Vertical r2

Can also do the math to use both the vertical and horizontal outputs of one daylight sensor. I use one upside in horizontal mode. Only need 1 device knob for the IC for infinite solar panel control. This is my current file. Have the horizontal sensor and solar panel data ports all facing north. I use d1 as an output to a spinning light on top of my solar tower to turn on at night and off at day. To help act as a backup beacon if I get lost at night without power to my tracker card.